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Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya

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Switchwords Workshop - Levels 1 & 2

Become a Practitioner & Trainer

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2021

Highlights from the Call

Click Here -What are Switchwords? How are they formed and used? Mini-masterclass with Khushaali

Click Here -Sure-fire ways to make your switchwords work + super effective

Click Here -Super effective switchwords for more monies, wish fulfillment and more

Click Here -Viji's husband regained speech, got job after facial paralysis through switchwords

Click Here -Saira's daughter manifests 5,000 US$ grant, college admission, develops confidence with switchwords

Click Here -Vishaka's hairfall miraculously stops plus her client base increases from 5 to 60 with switchwords


CLICK HERE to watch Demo Call Replay

About Switchwords

Switchwords are a set of specific powerful words to help channelise energy to fulfil any positive wish.

It works on the concept of neuro-linguistic programming and law of attraction. In switchwords chanting, wish manifestation occurs by bypassing our logical mind and tapping into the subconscious mind with help of repetitive patterns in the form of chanting.

Switchwords act like a switch button that can ‘Switch On’ particular aspects of the subconscious mind. All living and non-living things are connected by the collective consciousness of the subconscious mind. As Earl Nightingale, the American author has aptly put it – Whatever we plant in the subconscious mind and nourish it with repetition and emotions, it will become a reality one day.

Benefits of working with Switchwords

• If you’ve tried many things without success, switchwords will accelerate you towards fulfilling your positive wishes

• 100% safe technique, without any side effects

• Switchwords help in any area of your life – health, relationships, monies, legal disputes, desire to travel abroad and so on

• Switchwords are 21st century modern mantras for resolution of any area of your life

• Super easy to learn and apply, no side effects

• No tense, no tension! Switchwords are like single-word affirmations, therefore there is no question about which tense is to be used.

• Switchwords can switch a person from a negative frequency to a desired higher frequency

• There are multiple and easiest ways of using switchwords like writing, chanting, etc. You can choose any method as per your convenience

• Master switchwords are those which work in almost all situations. For instance, ‘Golden Sunrise’, ‘Divine Magic Begin Now’, etc. These can be used alone or in combination with other switchwords

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya


Khushali Gaurang Somaiya (Muscat, Oman) is a successful switchwords facilitator, Tarot card reader, angel therapy healer, NLP coach, Bach flower therapist and EFT coach. She also conducts professional courses and workshops of these modalities. Khushali also has a masters degree in electrical engineering.

Khushali guides people with their severe health concerns, relationship conflicts, job searching, property or visa related matters, money-related issues, business deals, to attract more customers and any fair positive wish.

Till now, thousands of people have benefitted from the miracles produced by Khushali's switchwords. And hundreds have learnt them professionally from her and are spreading the cheer of switchwords the world over.

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