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Kavita Israni

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Channeling & Mediumship Workshop

✔ Connect with your God, Angels, etc.

✔ Connect with departed loved ones

✔ Get guidance for any concern

✔ Get solutions right from the source

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Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Channeling OR Mediumship!! What's the Difference?!

Click Here - Connect to Your God. Also Experience LIGHT LANGUAGE!!

Click Here - Channeled Messages, Simple Remedies!!

About Channeling & Mediumship

Channneling is receiving messages from the Divine and passing on to the living beings. You can channel Higher Beings, like Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses etc.

Mediumship is acting as a mediator/ medium to communicate with spirits of the dead and living human beings. The practitioner is called the medium. A medium makes connections with and delivers messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are.

With channeling and mediumship, you can find all your answers within you, without having to look for them outside or from others.

Awesome Benefits of Learning
Channeling & Mediumship with Kavita-ji

★ Learn to connect with numbers - it’s sure proof of connection to the right source!

★  No depending on external factors! Get solutions right from the source

★  Seek guidance for any type of issue in your life

★  Strengthen your connection with yourself and the divine

★  Get relief from grief and get closure; help others too (mediumship workshop)

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Kavita Israni


Kavita Israni is a master channeler, counsellor, teacher, Merkaba healer and an integrated clinical hypnotherapist from the California Hypnosis Institute of India. She is also an expert dark energies remover, light language healer, Reiki grandmaster, Theta healer, aromatherapist, past life regressor, Shamanic practitioner and more! She has been offering her spiritual services for more than 2 decades now. She and her son, Veejay Israni have their own spiritual firm, Satvakirani – specialising in core cause elimination issues through deep-rooted alternative healing modalities therapies and workshops.

It all began for Kavita when after 27 years of running a successful beauty business, she started feeling that people need internal makeup, inner change, which are far beyond external beauty. Along with this, concerns on the home front led her on a spiritual journey. She started getting hand vibrations from the Divine Goddess Durga and supernatural experiences in the form of hearing bells, etc. Kavita then reached Sri Amma Bhagavan, founders of the Oneness university in Chennai, attended lots of programs and poojas there and in due course also started volunteering and conducting havans and rituals herself. She also started channelling Goddess Durga and get answers for her life situations.

Today, Kavita continues to feel the plight of people who suffer and not know how to get out of it. Her aim is not just to help people through her healings, but also to make them self-dependent through the workshops to enable them to take life into their own hands.

Awards & Achievements

Angel Communication 2014
Master Teacher in Reiki 2013
Space clearing 2013
Member of Trainers Association of India (ex, corporate set up)
Member- IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicines (ex)

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