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Kalyaann Sir

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(Teacher of Visualisation & Affirmations)

✔ Ancient techniques to manifest easily

✔ Power of Numbers, Planets, Directions, Space Energies & Colours

✔ 1-Day Live Group Training with Recording

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers' Training Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Simple steps to clear your aura in a few seconds! Include this in your routine

Click Here - See for yourself the power of affirmations and the right, fastest way to make them work!

Click Here - This may be the reason why your affirmations are not working. Directions change it all

Click Here - See the major impact of planets, numbers and colours on your affirmations with Kalyaann Sir

Click Here - By using the accurate way of affirming and visualising, anything is possible


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About TOVAA® (Teacher of Visualisation & Affirmations)

TOVAA® (Teacher of Visualisation & Affirmations) is based on the premise that we can heal ourselves (and help others heal) through proper use and management of elements like planets, colours, numbers, directions and space energies of our home and workspace through metaphysical tools like affirmations, visualisations, invocations, declarations and powerful word treatments by daily repetition and regular practice.

TOVAA® follows the ACP Model of Guidance which deals with Creating Awareness (Past), Finding Clarity (Present) & Living Your Purpose (Future).

In this, you get the processes to empower yourself and take suitable action steps. You are introduced to the theory and techniques on how you can use certain elements of the universe through simple methods to improve and better your life.

TOVAA® is based on ancient science and the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. Its working comes from the amalgamation of various Indian cultural practices passed down through generations by gurus and ascended masters. The methods and techniques used in TOVAA® have been created and refined through regular trial, error, observation, understanding and learning practices over the last 10 years.

TOVAA® blends with any healing technique practised by anyone. It can be amalgamated with any kind of consultation, counselling or coaching session.

✔ It is easy and simple to practice daily once you understand the basics.

✔ It does not involve a heavy investment of products or rituals.

✔ Anyone can learn and practice it after the one-day training.



★ Continuous low energy

★ A constant feeling of failure

★ Low self-esteem

★ Poor deservability

★ Anxiety & depression

★ A dominant control all the time

★ Stress of the rat race


★ Low productivity and slow expansion

★ Difficult sales or poor profit

★ Wastage of time, energy and resources

★ Stagnant energy in the workplace

★ Negative, discouraging morale of the staff

★ Unexplained incidents in the workspace

★ Constant toxic vibes from competitors

★ Bankruptcy, insolvency and legal issues

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Your Healer-Instructor, Kalyaann Sir


Kalyaann Sir is a Consultant, Coach, Counsellor, Teacher, Trainer, Therapist & Transformer. He also functions as a personal mentor for film and television stars, politicians and industrialists in India. He is the co-founder of Angel Acaademy and its signature program TOVAA® (Teacher of Visualisation & Affirmations). He is also a practising Angel Therapist, PLR therapist, Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach.

For all personal sessions and residential retreats, Kalyaann Sir follows the ACP Model of Guidance which deals with Creating Awareness (Past), Finding Clarity (Present) & Living Your Purpose (Future).

Over a period of the last 10 years, Kalyaann Sir has completed 33 online and in-person certifications in metaphysical and spiritual studies. He has also facilitated 87 metaphysical seminars, workshops, trainings, support groups, immersives, intensives and residential retreats in various parts of India.

With over 20 years of educational experience and 11 years of spiritual exploration, Kalyaann Sir applies new forms and modalities of coaching, teaching, consulting, counselling, training and mentoring for existing and new clients.

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