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Sweta & Sandy from Connecting NGO

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Be Heard with Connecting NGO

✔ Non-judgmental, non-advisory, confidential and anonymous listening service for those feeling low, distressed and/or suicidal.

✔ Safe space for sharing and being heard without judgment

✔ Call when needed; Become a volunteer; Donate

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
HEALthier BE! Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

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Click Here - Connecting NGO - safe, non-advisory, non-judgmental listening service when you feel low or suicidal

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About Connecting Trust NGO

Connecting Helpline as an NGO, was started in 2005 by Arnavaz Damania and a group of concerned citizens.

It is based in Pune and works towards suicide prevention by providing mindful, non-judgmental and non-advisory listening to individuals and communities as well as empowering them to do the same for themselves and for the individuals and communities around them.

It has a strong 17+ years of experience in this field with strong programs at the prevention, intervention and postvention levels!

The mission of Connecting is to create and enable a cohesive and comprehensive community of mindful listeners, within the organisation and outside, that can support people who are going through emotional distress and/or feeling suicidal.

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Sweta & Sandy

About Sweta Tiwary

Sweta Tiwary has been in the organisation for almost a decade and has since contributed in various capacities. She currently heads the trainings at Connecting Trust, is a mentor and volunteer.

With her background of binary digits (IT), she looked to do something more meaningful. The entire process of listening, supporting and thereby healing was intriguing to her.

What started as exploration has now become a way of life. She has thoroughly understood and now trains others to understand that when you hold the space for others, you are equally held in the same space.

About Sandy Dias Andrade

Sandy Dias Andrade is the co-managing trustee at Connecting Trust, a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and mindfulness and presence oriented applications.

She initiated the helpline at Connecting in 2008 and has co–designed its training program for volunteers.

She is also the founder-director of ‘Just Being Center for Mindfulness and Presence’

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Ph: +91 93220 17119

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