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Brenda & Charu

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Shamanisn with a TWIST!

✔ Levels 1 & 2 Workshops

✔ Includes Power Animals, etc.

✔ Get attunement & curated meditations

✔ Soul Retrieval & Message session options

Mystic Lotus AWESOME! Divination Summit 2021

Highlights from the Call

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Click Here - RECEIVE! Choose a Number 1 to 8, Get Your Spirit Guide Message

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What is Shamanism?

"Shamanism is your COMPASS -  it points you to YOUR “True North”. When you are aligned to your True North,  you follow your path and what is true to yourself." - Brenda & Charu

Shamanism is a spiritual practice and it is a method to explore spiritual realms to contact your power animals, spirit animals, angels, lost soul parts, ancestors, descendants, your future, spirit of city, country you live in, spirit of your house, spirit of things you own or you want to own, to get direction in life, answers, healing, information, wisdom, knowledge, and guidance.

It is a meditative state of practice which induces a kind of a trance set.  Using a defined method and procedures you are able to go into different worlds to enable you to contact the spiritual realm to receive answers, guidance and healing.

A Shaman is a link between our physical world and the spiritual realms, which are divided into the Upper World, where you can meet guides, teachers, loved ones who have crossed over.  Lower World where we can meet our power animals, ancestors,  Middle World which is a replication of our present reality.

How Shamanism helps and heals

★ You can resolve all kinds of issues - health, wealth, money, relationships, obstacles, not getting married, blocks, ancestral issues

★ You can also do future creation with it; go into future and see what is going to happen

★ The type of information you can get is actually out of the world.  The heightened awareness that you receive is magical. You get to tap into your creativity,  your powers, your knowledge and receive insights using this technique

★ Know what the soul wants and give it whatever it wants or needs

★ Power animals guide and protect you and give you what you desire

★ Teachers give us information, healing or help in any area of life

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Brenda & Charu

About Charu Mathur

A passionate healer and believer of miracles, Charu is formally trained in Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Shamanism, Reiki, Theta Healing, Sujok, Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, etc.

She believes in instant healing and in her quest to see results instantly through healing works, she ended up inventing the unique healing modality – the B&C Miracle Method© (internationally copyrighted) with her friend Brenda.

Charu’s approach to healing is very scientific and she is researching on healing cancer of any stage. Her biggest breakthrough has been on working with stage 4 cancer where the doctors had given the patient six months. Charu created a miracle in the patient’s life where they are today living a normal life.

Charu enjoys teaching and her mission in life is to create more and more healers in the world. She feels she is divinely guided and keeps getting amazing ideas that lead her to create miracles. Therefore, her technique is called the B&C Miracle Method.

About Brenda Margaret Ganwani

Brenda's passion is following the mysteries and secrets of energy and healing! Her journey into the cosmos of esoteric science and healing is now over 30 years old.

Brenda has studied spiritual response therapy, Matrix energetics, Shamanism, Pranic healing, Kinesiology, Reiki, life alignment, and many more techniques.

In this journey of learning and seeking,  Brenda met Charu and they both founded their own healing technique - the B&C (Bring the Change) Miracle Method© which they practise and teach worldwide.

Brenda’s forte is tapping into one’s energy field, and  intuitively knowing what is at imbalance and changing the molecular structures to create change and healing.

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