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Arpita Amit Thakkar

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Pendulum Dowsing - Reading & Healing

✔ Ask unlimited questions of any type

✔ Learn in workshop; guide others

✔ Find lost items, heal chakras, etc.

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Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing allows prediction, clearing and healing yourself and others in a matter of a few minutes. The swing or the movements of the pendulum denote answers, guidance and the most valuable insights to your issues. In this method you connect  to your Higher Self, Angels and Guides and get their guidance through the pendulum.

Pendulum Dowsing can get answers to any type of questions including YES and NO questions where decisions and choices are concerned.

The life areas pendulum dowsing can help in are: 
Identifying blocks
Cleansing house energies 
Clearing the negative energies
Charging of food and water
Cleaning and healing of Chakras
Finding lost objects, etc.

Who should opt for Pendulum Dowsing Reading + Healing with Arpita Amit Thakkar

• Everyone looking for guidance and healing for relationship, health and money is welcome

• All those looking for guidance to any question or confusion

• Anybody who is feeling stuck about a decision to be made

• All those who need clarity on their life paths

Fantastic Benefits of Learning
Pendulum Dowsing with Arpita

★ Fastest and the simplest way to bring solutions to problems

★ Find guidance for your and others’ concerns

★ No mugging up of meanings; don’t need to be intuitive nor a healer to learn

★ Anybody can learn; no prior knowledge required

★ Pendulum is easy to carry and can be used anywhere. For example, 
cleanse and charge your hotel room during travel!


★ Get and give guidance for money, relationships, health, etc.

★ Identify blocks

★ Cleanse house and space energies

★ Clear negative energies

★ Charge food, water, etc.

★ Cleanse, heal and balance chakras

★ Find lost items


Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Arpita Amit Thakkar


Arpita Thakkar is an Alternative Therapist and a Spiritual Coach. She is a Pendulum Dowsing Teacher, Akashic Records Teacher, Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Card Reader, Angel Guidance  Facilitator, Bach flower Therapist, Switchwords Master,  and more.

She is a transformational coach, and the author of the book Turning the Mind Lights On. She is the winner of the "NARI SHAKTI" award in the year 2017 and has even received "THE BEST AKASHIC RECORDS COACH" Award (Oct 3rd!). Learning and teaching Spiritual modalities feeds and charges Arpita's soul.

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