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Rs 5,005

US$ 69

Join Now at only

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Immediate stress relief

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Neutralise emotional triggers!

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know yourself better and gain confidence

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More love & enthusiasm

Detoxed and Loving It!

“I suffer from a life-threatening illness. Within one week of this workshop, I understood the reason for my constant anger and was able to reduce it by 70%. I even feel more hopeful about recovering from my illness now!”


- Smriti

“Within 3 weeks of the program, I healed many things, resolved and learnt from my life events. I no longer get affected or easily triggered now.”


- Usha

“I feel true happiness, peace and gratitude after ages! The best part is that I am not worried it will be lost because I know how to get it back if anything happens. I have never felt so empowered!”


- Ravi

10 Important Reasons to Be on this Program

   Stress and anxiety levels reduced immediately!

   Clear emotional build-up in 5-10 mins

   Get freedom from triggers and irritations

   Let go of trauma, hurt, pain, anxiety, anger and frustration

   Get in charge of your life; achieve goals faster

   Understand yourself and others better

  Release need of others’ approval. Feel secure

   Reduced friction in relationships and partnerships


✔  Gain resilience, clarity and confidence


   Feel lighter, healthier, happier and sleep better

Get Access To

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5 Zoom Calls & Replays (1hr each)

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Process Worksheet

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Private Support


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Release & Detox Tools

Take the Quiz. Check if You Need this Program! 
(give yourself 1 point for each ‘Yes;)

• Do you feel emotionally and mentally drained and constantly irritated by people around?


• Do the smallest of things trigger or make you angry easily?


• Do you feel resentful, guilty, and berate yourself for little things all the time


• Are you a perfectionist and over-extend yourself more often than not?


• Do you think that people are always judging you and get easily offended?


• Do you run away from people and places?


• Do you feel pressured, manipulated or controlled by others?


• Do you feel unheard, misunderstood and hopeless in your relationships?

If you have said ‘Yes’ to atleast 4 of these points, don’t miss this program!

Detoxed and Loving It!

“This isn’t just an emotional detox program! I learnt to let go, truly forgive others and myself. If you want to be happier, more at peace and in control, please join this.”


- Asha

“Initially, I would feel bad for little things and get offended and insecure at the drop of a hat.It was great to overcome the fears and share.” 


- Neha

“Learning this has changed my logical, analytical, and corporate mind to a more flexible and open one.” 


- HR

About Your Facilitator, Janki Ravani

Janki Ravani is an internationally awarded Happiness coach (World Happiness Congress in 2020), also awarded for Innovation in Happiness (Women Entrepreneurs Enclave, 2019) and a TEDx speaker.


Janki is of course, a multi-modality practitioner and has worked with 1000s of people across 4 continents and helped heal several psychosomatic (recurring and unexplainable diseases), inner child, clients with forgiveness, relationships and manifestation.


Janki’s core values are peace, ease, vulnerability, fun, ownership and patience. She lives by the motto – “Life is effortless when you be and do you. Not effortless, is just not worth it!”

Message from Janki

I say this mindfully and confidently - everything you desire, is absolutely possible, with more ease than you imagine. All you need to do is choose it and more importantly be willing to have it and then sit back. Blocks and resistance will come up [and you will get impatient], wondering whether it will, when, how, those are all normal, all you need to do is keep clearing yourself so your ask/ manifestation can come through. And that is where I come in. I help you to see yourself and know your thoughts, beliefs, fears and secret agendas with kindness and consciousness, bringing you more choice and ease.

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Detoxed and Loving It!

“For me, all the detox steps have become natural! I finished all my work yesterday for my daughter's travel abroad, 3 days early! If I hadn't checked my emotions, I wouldn't have come up with the required solutions so easily.” 


- Amisha

“I am a very positive and happy person now! Though sometimes digging down and feeling every emotion is very scary, I do it because it helps me know myself better than earlier.” 


- Kabita

“I thought I was a happy-go-lucky person but after this workshop, I realised I have got lacunas to fill. Also Thank you for helping me to express my insecurities without guilt.”


- Dr Pratibha

Rs 5,005

US$ 69

Join Now at only

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