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Selvi Mohanraj

Tarot Coach & Multi-modality Healer


About Selvi Mohanraj

Selvi Mohanraj’s transformation journey began as a working mother immersed in a demanding career. An encounter with pranic healing ignited a deep change within, steering her toward inner peace, mindfulness, and liberation from stress. Inspired by her own growth, she committed to sharing this path with others.

Driven to aid those facing similar challenges, Selvi pursued certification as a Pranic Healer, specialising in Pranic Psychotherapy to address mental and physical well-being. Her journey expanded to include Tarot cards, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Ho'oponopono, enriching her holistic healing practice.

Today, Selvi serves as a tarot life coach and consultant, offering comprehensive holistic healing solutions and mentoring aspiring tarot consultants. Her “Arise n Awake” community provides support, workshops, coaching, and gatherings for profound healing and personal development.

Authoring "21 Days to Rewire Your Mind," Selvi draws from her own experiences to help others combat negativity and self-doubt. With expertise in Tarot Consulting, Pranic Healing, Ho'oponopono Healing, Law of Attraction, Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Pranic Psychotherapy, Selvi’s mission is to empower women toward entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Love for Selvi!
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• KL stuck in a job with limited growth felt undervalued. Selvi’s Tarot revealed low self-confidence and fear of change. Chakra healing meditations boosted her self-esteem, leading her to secure a higher-paying job and start a profitable side business. In a year, her income doubled! 

• SJ wanting to start a business faced self-doubt and financial obstacles. Selvi’s Tarot readings, paired with Pranic Healing, cleared doubts. He successfully launched and grew the business. Within 4 months his business flourished, and he got an investor from within the family!

Business rebooted - After following guidance from Selvi’s Tarot, an entrepreneur’s business on the verge of shutting down not only flourished but also secured investments for expansion and he ventured into multiple businesses

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