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Nidhu B Kapoor

Owner & Sharer of The Decrees

Modalities: The Decrees (Word Medicine), EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, Grief Guidance And Counselling, Intuitive Healing, Distance Healing, Inner Child Work, Ho'oponopono, Energy Medicine, Energy Yoga

Experience: 13 Years

Speciality: Financial, Emotional

Location: Mumbai

Languages: English, Hindi

Available: By appointment

Previous Experience
"I made and spent a lot of money, lol!!"

Not yet :)


About Nidhu B Kapoor

Owner & sharer of supersonic Commands called The Decrees (Word Medicine), Nidhu B Kapoor is the world’s only practitioner doing 5 and 10-minute sessions, that’s how quickly Word Medicine works!

Just look at some of her phenomenal OG work - Double your Bank Balance in 7 days, Manifestation mastery in minutes, 3 kinds of Millionaire mindsets (including a quiz), Business Sunflower (a unique way to look at business growth), the 10-second workout, reduce diabetic signs in 11 days, The fastest pain-killers possible, One-minute cosmic massages for chakras and organs and lots, lots more.

Using ancient wisdom from The Gita, Vedanta, ayurveda, Chi Gong and moon cycles, she has worked with 1,000s of people around the globe! Being the owner and sharer, Nidhu is also the Original Master of The Decree programs, challenges and certified courses.

Nidhu is a regular speaker and guest on the world’s most prestigious healing Telesummits like ‘From Heartache to Joy’ and ‘You Wealth Revolution’. Indian Bollywood superstar, Vidya Balan has gone on record to say Nidhu is the world’s best healer!

Love for Nidhu!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

"Nidhu's Stellar work speaks for itself. She needs no introductions. In the Healing circles -She is the Goddess Of Decrees- The power of the spoken Word- The Word Doctor.

As I keep doing more work with her I realise, I am unpeeling away layers of shame, trauma, guilt, jealousies, hatred, Body shame and so on consciously. Listening to her calls live itself is healing. Relistening to them completes the circle of healing. I'm so lucky to have been under her guidance for many years. Her patience, lovely smile & giving everyone present in her call some solutions to their problems have been part of her magnanimous personality.

I wish her many more such work with awesome people!

Riches, health, peace, all in triple godspeed.

Thank You Universe. Thank You Nidhu."

- Dr Radha Raghavan

“Thank you for all the work you must have done and sacrifices made to be able to bring us such high vibrational work!!"

- Alison

"Nidhu is THE best and fastest healer on this planet. For sure."

- Nia

"Excruciating pain & weakness in the legs gone in a minute!"
- Nina

"Bloating gone in 8 mins!"
- Veena

"Within 24 hrs, I was gifted a laptop and printer!"
- Uma

"My acidity is gone to 0."
- Rita

"My shoulder pain from calcification is totally gone. Even the following days, the shoulder pain did not come back."
- Hansa

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