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Highlights from the Call

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Lakhs of rupees attracted while the workshop is on!

Results with Speed - there’s something for all

Clear all fears of money; recover stuck money

Grow your work spheres, earn more profits


Samruddhi Workshop (Level 1)


Life transformation course
WhatsApp support


@ INR 10,999 / US$ 173 • 65% OFF


PACKAGE B (Includes Package A)

Samruddhi Workshop (Levels 1 & 2)


Life transformation course
WhatsApp support
Follow-up call


@ INR 18,999 / US$ 298 • 62% OFF


Amazing Results of Samruddhi Workshop

Anuja recovered 23 crores after this workshop!!

Amit manifested 2 projects worth INR 18.5 lakhs & 1.25cr 

Aashumi got a job within 30 days of proxy chanting

Samruddhi - The Money Workshop with Veejay

Money is such an important component of life that all our life incidents, pleasures, and achievements revolve around it. Having faced quite a few money issues and challenges in his business and money world, Veejay has put in extensive work in finding the root causes of money issues and dealing with them. He has done everything it takes to become a money magnet, to attract clients and money in our lives.

One of Veejay’s aims in life is to help people become millionaires and it’s through falling in sync with the laws of the universe and not mere efforts that one can achieve that. Once a person gets in sync with the laws of the universe, they automatically open up the vast abundance all around.

Veejay’s money workshops and sessions are full of experiences and testimonies. For instance, someone immediately recovered Rs 1.5 lakhs from a person who was not giving it back, while two others bagged business orders of Rs 1.25 cr and 18 lakhs respectively.

This workshop is a unique program designed by Veejay's company, Satvakirani. It's a combination of Veejay's learnings through his masters, channeling-downloads and his own experiences. This program is not available anywhere else. 


Atleast 250 people have seen major permanent transformations since the first pandemic lockdown.

Get these amazing benefits

★ The results and the speed. There is something in it for everyone.

★ Attract money from multiple sources

★ Clear Chrematophobia, fear around money!

★ Recover stuck money or from where you’re not getting it back

★ Create money breakthroughs and see new truths and opportunities

★ Discover your mutant money power, grow your work sphere, earn more profits and more

Amazing Results of Samruddhi Workshop

Tripti got an offer of more than 125% of her current income!

Shailesh received INR 1.5 lakhs from two people who were not returning

Bhuvaneshwari unexpectedly got INR 3,00,000 for an urgent payment

About Veejay Israani


Veejay Israani is a breakthrough coach, cause and effect expert, spiritual researcher, Bachflower therapist and above all, a transformer! A computer engineer turned healer, Veejay has helped atleast 5,000 people in less than 4 years in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and other concerns.

With Veejay, even a casual conversation can turn out to be a major transforming factor in your life. His biggest support is the founder of his company Satvakirani, Kavita Israni, Veejay’s mother who first started the alternative healing journey and was later joined by him.

Veejay regularly conducts workshops which are known to bring huge shifts in a short time in the participants. 

Veejay has come up with 100+ quotes and is in the process of writing a book.


One of his now famous quotes is-

“The past is never dead, it's alive even today and will be tomorrow. No new future is ever possible without healing or clearing the past. Future is simply the past recycled.”

Veejay's Offers for 24 Hours Only!

PACKAGE A: Samruddhi  Workshop (Level 1)

Live group workshop


• Life transformation course
• WhatsApp support