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Personal Consultation (1 hour)
with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

@ INR 4,999 / US$ 79 • 82% OFF


Personal Consultation (20 mins)
with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

@ INR 2,222 / US$ 35 • 67% OFF


PDF - Money Rituals as per your Zodiac Sign
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Highlights from the Call

Remedies for washroom in south direction

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Remedy for kitchen in the northeast

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay4.jpeg

Remedy for those feeling unsupported

Upma-AMTS21Call replay2.jpeg

Directions for bathroom, wardrobe, dustbin

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay5.jpeg

See how Vastu affects financial growth

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay6.jpeg

Remedy for poor money inflows

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay8.jpeg

Simple tip to gain clarity in thoughts

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay9.jpeg

Simple remedies for
health concerns

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay10.jpeg

Difference between Feng Shui & Vastu

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay11.jpeg

A workspace remedy
you will enjoy!

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Includes birth chart analysis; know doshas & remedies

Remedies for debts, increasing wealth, etc.

Remedies include Yantras, Mantras, Colours, etc.

Tried-and-tested personalised solutions that work