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Veejay - ALHTS22 - Package B

PACKAGE B (Includes Package A): Neev - The Roots - 14 Live Group Sessions


Workshop content (Includes Package A):

- 5-Organ Healing - heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys - Buddha Healing

- 1 relationship healing with the ancient RR method

- How are Life imprints formed

- Why do challenging relationships enter our life

-  Why do we have health issues

- Present past regression

- Appeasing our ancestors

- The 12 life lessons

- Relationships, its connections and the Divine experience- Manas Pooja

- Detecting life patterns from ancestors

-Negative energy (psychic attacks/negative zone/negative people – negative energy clearing) healing, pain healing - Light Language

- Herbs magic, animal spirits , the Golden Heart meditation

- Chakra meditation with the Sun energy - Sun energy healing

- Pain healing


Bonus included in this package are:

- Call recording available for 2 days

- 30 days WhatsApp group support

- 3 hour session: Invoke the Divine within

- 3 hour session: Sacred sexuality

Veejay - ALHTS22 - Package B

$540.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
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