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Nidhu - Twin Flames call on March 4

Everything you didn't know about twin flames...

Join the call at just Rs 3.3k instead of Rs 7.7k / USD 49 instead of USD 114

What is a twin flame

Why a twin flame relationship rarely, if at all, works out

What is the spiritual reason behind a twin flame

Why it takes so long to recover from twin flame relationships

Can you have more than one twin flame? 

On today's call (March 4), based on the ancient wisdom of The Mirrors of Essenes dating back to 1 BC, comes our work on 5 Relationships

It's time to gently and lovingly heal from the one who got away...


Date: March 4, 2022
6pm India
7.30am Eastern
6.30am Central
5.30am Mountain
4.30am Pacific

Call will be on Instant Teleseminar
Call replay will be available.

Nidhu - Twin Flames call on March 4

$114.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
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