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Nidhu - June 2022 - More Water challenge + Floored

1st June - 30th June - More Water challenge + FLOORED!


INTRODUCTORY PRICE Rs 2200 and USD 33 ONLY! instead of Rs 4400/- and USD 55 


How to increase water intake to miracle cure levels

The best times to drink water

Subliminal Decree Posters every weekday

Totally Supported across the month


Shed weight

Heal hormonal imbalances 


4 Zoom calls every Saturday (June 11, 18, 25 and July 2) at 8.30am EST for the FLOORED! series - a unique, subtle set of exercises for the heavy, tired, demotivated body. Walk away TALLER LONGER STRONGER after every session! You will receive replays for your own practice 


All calls include mudras and Decrees in various uniquely designed postures and movements (watch out for the next email for a taster!)


Watch out for the unbelievable ab crunching technique that Nidhu has created (apart from The Decrees!)


Enjoy boot camp results without bootcamp! 


Take the never again introductory offer RIGHTAWAY!

Nidhu - June 2022 - More Water challenge + Floored

$55.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
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