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The Healing Power of being Heard!

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Holaa! 🥰✨

Haven’t we all been in a phase in our lives where all we wanted was to share how we felt and for someone to just be there, listen to us? With the pandemic, I was too in that phase where everything was unpredictable

When the pandemic began, it created a lot of uncertainty for me and a lot of my friends as we had our final year of graduation (college) in an online set up was tough. We couldn’t meet our friends or enjoy our final year the way we planned and it was stressful as we didn’t know what was next.

Online became the new normal and the pressure of what I would do in my career was taking a toll on my emotional health as I would cry almost everyday. Being a psychology student, I was well aware of the importance of listening and that’s when I knew I had to talk to someone.

During that time, I came across Connecting Helpline, an NGO, a non judgemental, non advisory listening service where there are No charges, No time limits and you can speak your heart out and privacy is guaranteed!

I decided that this is what I needed to do and with that one conversation, everything became clearer to me although the person on the other end didn’t guide me to a solution or tell me what I could do. During that conversation, I started to just realise the cause of my anxiety and there was so much relief.

Today, as I have been working in the alternate healing industry, I realise the power of being heard more each day. Like me, there are a lot of us who wish to be heard and feel safe knowing there’s someone who’s holding that safe space to listen without any judgement. To know someone is present, attentive, empathetic and understanding to our experiences.

This feeling of being validated, acknowledged, and seen by others is essential for building meaningful relationships, achieving personal growth, and finding inner peace.

And a few days back, I was lucky enough to listen to Sandy, one of the founding pillars of Connecting and Sweta, a trainer at Connecting on The Mystic Lotus Awesome! HEALthier Be! Summit where they shared on the importance of being heard.

There was some insights from this call and I’d love for you to know them too:

The start of a conversation is always the tip of the iceberg. As we flow through the conversation, understand ourselves, feel safe and therefore courageous to communicate, we reach the depths of their emotions. With the right listening, there is an internal shift in the person!

But why just listen?

And Sweta shared how it’s not just listening but listening to the emotions, the feelings and feeling with the person. No skills, no techniques - Just how one is with that person in that Moment!

With this transformational power of listening, Connecting NGO is saving lives.

Wish to be a volunteer? Click here to know about the training.

And I’d like to end this blog with:

You matter and so does your story!




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