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Got cheated or betrayed? Heal the pain!

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Holaaa Peoples!!

Welcome back!

Have you ever thought of cheating and betrayal only in terms of romantic relationships, think again. It can happen in any relationship, be it siblings, business partners, family members, friends, etc.

Have you ever felt cheated or betrayed in relationships? Not just romantic relationships but even in friendships, with parents, with a family member or anyone you were/are emotionally connected to? (There’s a connection and I’ll share that later in the blog)

There’s a reason why I ask this question; cheating & betrayal are human emotions and sometimes, unfortunately a lot of people have to go through the pain of feeling betrayed or cheated. I know the first thing that comes up in a lot of our minds is infidelity, but I usually see emotional cheating and betrayal equally painful. And not just romantic, we sometimes feel betrayed by a friend we thought would stand up for us or a parent who didn’t understand our emotions.

These questions always make me think of what is it that leads to this? What are the reasons which lead to these situations in our life where we feel betrayed or hurt by someone we love and care about.

And these are the questions which landed me to a masterclass hosted by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies as a part of their Choose Love Summit with B&C, on ‘Got cheated or betrayed, Heal with B&C’

The one thing that caught my attention was how they explained this with the help of the Mahabharata, an epic we all have grown up hearing about, the book of wisdom holding the understanding of life.

They shared how the energies of cheating and betrayal were present in the external environment too during the game of dice. Despite so many good souls being present in that place, the energies were so high that they led to betrayals. It is a human emotion and we would go through it.

So, how do external environments affect us?

When we have fights, discords in a space, those energies stay present on the inanimate objects in that space, like the sofa, the clothes we had on, the table, the bed, the chair and other elements of space.

Now, this obviously doesn’t mean we would go on removing every furniture or clothing associated, right? So, what one can actually do is heal it!

For that, I have something special for you guys, hold your address in your mind and let B&C do a short clearing for it! Click here to experience it.

Now, we have done something for the external factors but everything is not just external; internal factors lead to this too.

A person who experiences cheating and betrayal has their own internal set of programs that drive to this experience. But sometimes, the external factors are so toxic that they add fuel to fire. Doesn’t it actually make sense now?

But what are the internal factors?

Like a 3 pin plug, B&C share the 3 internal factors:

Karmic causes - These are what we bring from our past lives, our karmic actions from which we need to learn, heal and grow in this lifetime.

Root causes - Like the root is the foundation of the tree, the issues we face in the present are also connected to some experiences we have had as a child.

Ancestral causes - As we are an extension of our ancestors and unresolved traumas of ancestors could also lead to such issues, this is the third pin of internal factors.

Doesn’t knowing this make much more sense? It’s like we were looking for solutions without even understanding the entire problem in depth.

And hey, before I say goodbye for today, I’m leaving you a special gift that B&C shared with which you can understand where your relationship stands and not just that, heal it too, for the joy of knowing is to heal! Click here to watch the video.

To receive the gift pdf of mapping consciousness, click here.

Don’t forget to like, share and shower your love on this blog too and let us all spread the joy of love and the joy of healing ourselves!!🌷

Lots of Love & Stars,



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