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Personal Consultation (1 hour)
with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

@ INR 4,999 / US$ 79 • 82% OFF


Personal Consultation (20 mins)
with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

@ INR 2,222 / US$ 35 • 67% OFF


PDF - Money Rituals as per your Zodiac Sign
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Highlights from the Call

Remedies for washroom in south direction

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay3.jpeg

Remedy for kitchen in the northeast

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay4.jpeg

Remedy for those feeling unsupported

Upma-AMTS21Call replay2.jpeg

Directions for bathroom, wardrobe, dustbin

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay5.jpeg

See how Vastu affects financial growth

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay6.jpeg

Remedy for poor money inflows

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay8.jpeg

Simple tip to gain clarity in thoughts

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay9.jpeg

Simple remedies for
health concerns

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay10.jpeg

Difference between Feng Shui & Vastu

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay11.jpeg

A workspace remedy
you will enjoy!

Upma1-AMTS21Call replay12.jpeg

Includes birth chart analysis; know doshas & remedies

Remedies for debts, increasing wealth, etc.

Remedies include Yantras, Mantras, Colours, etc.

Tried-and-tested personalised solutions that work


Personal Consultation (1 hour)

with Astrology + Vastu Remedies


Two personalised Astro-Numero Yantras 
(soft copies will be sent)

@ INR 4,999 / US$ 79 • 82% OFF



Personal Consultation (20 mins)

with Astrology + Vastu Remedies


One personalised Astro-Numero Yantra 
(soft copy will be sent)

@ INR 2,222 / US$ 35 • 67% OFF


People's Amazing Experiences

New job within days

Vikas was in a crisis and unemployed for 2 years. Within few days of doing Upma-ji’s remedies, he landed a job!

Started a business

Just by sitting in south direction and doing Upma-ji's remedies helped Vaishali start her own business.

Escaped unemployment

A client manifested a new job within 12 days of his old company shutting down thanks to Upma-ji’s remedies

Astrology & Vastu Remedies with Upma-ji

From ancestral to current, all money issues are related to one of the nine planets. Both, the energies of the place we spend our time in and the position of the nine planets in our horoscope contribute to how we view money and the opportunities we will have for earning money in life. Hence, it becomes important to understand how both vastu and astrology is affecting our earning potential in life.

Like the soul resides in our body, we reside in our home and spend over 8 hours a day in the office. As such, our environment greatly affects us. By applying Astro-vastu we can align  our mental and emotional energies  with our body and environment. When everything is in one alignment then we can achieve our financial desires easily. By combining both astrology and vastu we can get a more personalised method to help clear blockages in earning money and get better results. 

Human body is made of five elements and Vastu is also about balancing five elements. When any one or two elements are imbalanced in the body, it is reflected by the Vastu (environment) of home or office. 
Example - If there is Kitchen in the North direction, it reflects as stomach issues, weight or liver issues. In life it gives indication as difficulty in earnings. Thus, astro-vastu remedies come to the rescue.

Get these amazing benefits

★ Combination of astrology and vastu is more personalised and gives better results in clearing blockages and getting better results

★ Get more financial opportunities

★ Make the right choice at the right time

★ Increase money inflow

★ Pacify the Vastu blockages that are causing hurdles in earning money

★ Get a job, start a business, increase your earnings by using Astro-vastu techniques

★ Those who are unable to save money start saving and earning more

★ Upma-ji analyses the birth chart and helps enrich the direction which is helpful in giving money and pacify the direction which is creating blockages

About Upma Shrivastava


Upma Shrivastava is a multiple-award winning Astrologer for the past 20 years and has worked with over 10,000 people. She has been bestowed with the illustrious ‘Jyotish Shastracharya’, ‘Jyotish Rishi’ awards for excellence in astrology along with the prestigious ‘Vaastu Ratna’ award. She is also an expert in modalities related to astrology – Numerology, Vastu and Reiki.

Upma turned to astrology and decided to master it when she herself was going through disturbances after getting married. In her work, Upma merges the conventional wisdom and the progressive approaches of astrology and integrates them with technology! She is known to simplify and demystify astrology for everybody such that it empowers them to understand this celestial science in a rational, logical and scientific manner.

She recognises that people turn to astrology when they are either facing a difficult situation or must make a critical decision in their life. So, Upma goes to the depths of her astrological skills to understand the individual, their dreams, desires, shortcomings, potential and their unique individual personality, with the aim of giving them the best possible guidance and solutions.

Upma’s articles on the subject have been published in the Economic Times and other media.

People's Amazing Experiences

Doctor’s clinic flourishes

A doctor was doing well in his hospital but not in his own clinic. Within days of making adjustments suggested by Upma-ji, he saw results!

Sold property after 8 years

Client was unable to sell his motel for 8 years. Within few months of Upma-ji’s remedies, he sold it and also bought a new one!

Manifested a dream job

Anupam was looking for a new job in the US. Upma-ji gave him remedies to change his perspective about his job. In a few months, he got a dream job.

Upma-ji's Offers for 24 Hours Only!

PACKAGE A: Personal Consultation (1 hour) with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

For all financial concerns


• Two personalised Astro-Numero Yantras (soft copies will be sent)


Know your favorable direction for generating wealth

Includes Birth Chart analysis; know the Defects (doshas) of birth chart & Vastu that are blocking monies; Remedies

For those in debt: Astro-Vastu remedies

Remedies to attract more monies consistently

Analysis of your expenditure pattern and remedies for that

1 explanation video - How to check directions accurately

Remedies - personalised combination of Yantras, Mantras, Colours, Things to place in specific directions, Gemstone and favourable metal suggestions, etc.


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Package A
Join Program

PACKAGE B: Personal Consultation (20 mins) with Astrology + Vastu Remedies

For one current

financial concern


• One personalised Astro-Numero Yantra (soft copy will be sent)


Birth chart analysis

Astro-Vastu remedies for any one current money situation

1 explanation video - How to check directions accurately

Remedies - Recommendations to place things according to your environment


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Package B

More Payment Options for All the Offers (INR 99 / USD 2 extra to be paid)

A. Current Bank Account Details:

Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies Healing LLP,
YES Bank, Branch Pali Hill,
Account Number – 045883800000397,
IFSC Code – YESB0000458

Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies Healing LLP,
HDFC Bank, Branch Pali Naka Bandra West,
Account Number – 50200020850647,
IFSC Code – HDFC0000016

B. Google Pay – 9820342288 (Amrish Arjun Dudani)

C. PayTM – 9820342288 (Amrish Arjun Dudani)

D. WhatsApp Payment - 9820342288 (Amrish Arjun Dudani)

Payment Options

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