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Twice a month we are given the opportunity to Receive and Release!

In December and January we will work on the exact 11 days to do so!


11 days of money blockages, REMOVED! in December and January

11 days of money flows, SWITCHED ON! in December and January

1. We choose a particular Decree

2. We write it 11 times in the days colour AND in the correct direction (each day's planet has a power direction) AND the perfect number of times to say and write it

3. We burn it on new moon or full moon days

Our dates follow mooney power with the waxing (Receiving) and waning (Releasing) cycle of the moon so we are supported in our work with Earth's cosmic cycle!

This is a Telegram and email only special for 44 days! Exactly like our November work


Don't pay Rs 3333/- or USD 57

💎💗Pay only Rs 1111/- or USD 19!!💗 💎

Say YES! and come along! We begin on 1st December 💎💎💎

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