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✔ 5X Money Healing with 5 Techniques

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★ When we change a DREAM to a MISSION, it becomes more specific. The subconscious makes note of all kinds of opportunities, work and messages that come.

★ Money is the byproduct of all the work we do in life. 

★ Positive thoughts create more opportunities. 

★ Train your brain to counter your counter-intentions related to your mission. For eg. if it says “what if I can’t do it”, change it to “what if I make more than I’m expecting.”

★ Did you know Money Reiki can make you heal yourself and others, as well as make the world more equal, more fair and richer, by healing it from all the negativities related to monies!

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5X Money Healing

(11 Live Group Sessions)


• WhatsApp Group support for 21 days

• Call recording available for 1 month

@ INR 1,900 / US$ 28 • 75% OFF



Money Reiki Workshop

(3 Levels)


• WhatsApp Group support for 1 year

• Call recording available for 3 months

• Free revision of entire course (within 6 months)

@ INR 3,600 / US$ 53 • 82% OFF



Money Siddhii Workshop


• WhatsApp Group support for 1 year

• Call recording available for 3 months

• Free revision of entire course (within 6 months)

@ INR 7,500 / US$ 109 • 75% OFF


5X Money Healing with Siddhii

This is a mix of 5 super powerful healing modalities to heal your money issues. These healing modalities are either learnt by Siddhii from the masters of the art or she has received them as gifts during her spiritual encounters. 


1. The Celestial Dragons Healing System - Dragon spirit energies are among the most powerful to unblock monies and clear the road for manifestation.

- This technique brings in breakthroughs, heals at the cellular level and draws in money inflow

2. Humkara with Haleem - uses the transformational powers of Divine energy, mantra energy and the energies of symbols to impact all aspects of life.

- To cleanse and EMpower money Energies

Money Reiki and Ashta Lakshmi Reiki - These two forms of Reiki are a power package of Reiki energies that are clubbed with the “Spiritual energy of Money”. Their goal is to create financial abundance with ease.


3. Money Reiki - To draw in Positive money inflow

4. Ashta Lakshmi Reiki - To make money energies blessed

5. Sri Yantra and Lotus Healing -  A form of Goddess Lakshmi herself, very powerful tool to attract abundance in your life

- To create a new energetic pattern for Increased money flow

Siddhii has worked with over 300 people during the pandemic and many of them have seen instant money flow and breakthroughs.

Get these amazing benefits

5x Money Healing Sessions - Power of 5 Healing Techniques

★ People have experienced results in hours, minutes and even SECONDS during this package!

★ Heal at a cellular level, increase your money drawing power

★ Break barriers, cleanse unhealthy money patterns

★ Get them moving - stuck money, debts, delayed promotion, loans, stagnant business and more

★ Change - inability to save; unemployment; business losses; lack of clients

★ Experience opportunities coming in, increase in sales; attract promotion at work

★ Gain more confidence in money matters

About Your Healer-Instructor, Siddhii Shaah


Siddhii Shaah is a gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. Siddhii was introduced to the field of energy healing at a very young age. Today, she imparts knowledge and attunements with many celestial beings such as dragons, angels, unicorns, elves, fairies, centaurs and more! She excels at working with different dimensions.

She's known for being a channel for Angel messages, Angel card Readings, and workshops; Siddhii has created a Dragon Healing modality through her channelised guidance, called The Celestial Dragons. All of this is provided through a platform called - Yana's Healing Studio

People from different countries, beliefs and languages have benefitted from Siddhii’s knowledge and practical understanding. Her style of teaching is compassionately unique and her knowledge - outstanding.

Also, one of Siddhii’s strongest points is to deliver simple, effective and result-oriented solutions. She is known to walk the extra mile to help her students get the best of what she has to offer.

Siddhii's Special Offers for 24 Hours

PACKAGE A: 5X Money Healing
(11 Live Group Sessions)


✔ WhatsApp Group support for 21 days

✔ Call recording available for 1 month

  • 11 Zoom Calls

  • Multiplied benefits with group energies!

  • 11 is the no. of manifestation! 11 sessions are intensely healing

  • For all money-related issues

  • Clear the road for more monies


Each session 30 minutes

Dates: 6 to 16 June 2022

Time: 7pm - 7.30pm IST / 9.30am - 10am EST

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PACKAGE B (Includes Package A):
Money Reiki Workshop (3 Levels)
(Become a Grand Master)


✔  PACKAGE A: 5X Money Healing (11 Live Group Sessions) PLUS its bonuses

✔  WhatsApp Group support for 1 year

✔ Call recording available for 3 months

✔  Free revision of entire course (within 6 months)


  • Money Reiki Practitioner (Level 1)

  • Introduction to Money Reiki

  • Learn to use Money Reiki energies

  • Money Symbols

  • Money Reiki for Yourself

  • Money Reiki for others

  • Thriving with Money Reiki Box

  • Learn to do financial blessing

  • Money Reiki Master (Level 2)

  • Prerequisite - Money Rei