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Prashant Jituri Rina Gandhi Self-Love Le

Techniques to stop self-criticism, judgments


Learn to love yourself, feel awesome!


TRULY forgive and let go


Create affirmations that work!

No quick-fixes. Get lasting results!

Special price till 28 June only

Rs 6,000 / USD 99

Starts 28 June - 4 July on Zoom & WhatsApp

People's Amazing Experiences

"Why didn't I do this program before!! It is LIFE-CHANGING."

- Azeez

"It's like I have broken free, I am a new person!"

- Joshua

"I'm amazed with this loving work and its effects on me."


- Shruti

What you’ll gain from this workshop

 Definite huge positive shifts!
 Healthy mind and heart connection
 Become self-accepting and non-judgmental
 Enhanced relationship with yourself and everyone around you
 Uproot forever whatever is stopping you from accepting and loving yourself
 Know your true self, what you need and manifest
 Fully forgive and ask for forgiveness
 Increased self-worth = increased net-worth!
 Learn to always choose healthy and nurturing thoughts to create wonderful life experiences
 Let go off the past that is holding you back
 Awareness of your limiting beliefs and letting them go
 Loving support to help you grow

You get

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5 Zoom Calls of 30 minutes each


One 1-hr Zoom Call to sum it all up with a bonus!


Daily Q&A on WhatsApp for 5 days


PDF Notes

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Doable tools & techniques


Affirmations that work

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One-on-one support call of 10 minutes (if required)

Know the Reasons and Get Solutions for

  • Why you don’t feel good enough

  • Why you are hard on yourself and others

  • Why you cannot appreciate what you see in the mirror

  • Why you compare yourself with others and feel miserable

  • Why you always need others’ approval

  • Why you feel low or negative very easily

  • Why you blame others or situations for your problems

  • Why you have the same conflicts with the same people

  • Why you are indecisive or cannot make decisions alone

  • Why and how did you create your limiting beliefs

Come, if You...

  • Want to make that change

  • Wish to have a better life

  • Looking to live with ease and happiness

  • Are open to the miracles self-love brings

  • Want to forgive yourself and others

  • Want to grow in your relationships

  • Want better mental and physical health

  • Want to improve your financial situation and career

  • Wish to be happy, calm, satisfied, joyful

  • Want higher levels of energies

  • Want to achieve your goals and desires

  • Have tried various things and they haven’t worked

  • Tried things to change, but stopped in the middle

People's Amazing Experiences

"Finally, I can feel and say I AM ENOUGH!"

- Amelia

"I can't believe how my relationships with my husband and mother have changed!!"

- Sujata

"I want to do this work again and again. Makes me love myself more every time!"


- Priyanka

Program Schedule

28 June to
2 July

Daily session on Zoom for 30 minutes
8.30pm India
11.00am Eastern
10am Central
8am Pacific

Daily Q&A - on WhatsApp
(2 hours per day)


Content, PDF notes / handout will be shared

28 June to
2 July

3 & 4

Live Zoom call for support, queries and a bonus! (60 minutes)
9pm India

11.30am Eastern
10.30am Central
8.30am Pacific

About Your Life Coaches

Copy of Prashant Jituri Self-Love Lead P

Rina Gandhi

Rina is a certified and licensed HEAL YOUR LIFE®️ workshop facilitator, Holistic Life Coach and Numerologist. She is also an Angel Therapist and Angel Life Coach.

Her ambition, passion and life goal is to be a positive inspiring leader in people's personal growth journey by helping them create change within themselves to achieve goals and create results that they want in their lives.

Louise Hay's philosophy has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. In line with that, Rina firmly believes we all possess the inner strength, courage and wisdom to transform the challenges we face into opportunities for growth and can learn how to more fully love and be loved.

Through workshops, study groups, and individual coaching on phone and video too, Rina offers her clients - practical steps to claim their own power and experience the joy of living a happier, healthier and successful life.

Prashant Jituri

Prashant is an internationally licensed HEAL YOUR LIFE®️ trainer, Holistic Transformational life coach, certified NLP Practitioner, Dale Carnegie certified trainer, Reiki practitioner, Angel therapist, etc. after being an entrepreneur for over two decades!

He believes his real success lies in touching the lives of his participants and clients by assisting them to benefit from the workshops and holistic transformational life coaching. He has guided 100s of people with his HEAL YOUR LIFE®️ workshops and trainings.

Prashant believes in himself and is extremely passionate about this work of empowering people. He conducts his work with lots of love into it. His clients and participants gain zest, happiness and wholeness through his trainings and personalised one-on-one life coaching sessions. Working with Prashant helps people overcome their limiting beliefs and change their thought patterns to create a life they desire filled with good health, harmonious relationships, financial prosperity and abundance in all areas of their lives.

Copy of Prashant Jituri Self-Love Lead P

About the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies

We are the world’s only online destination where we bring together top healers and therapists with their healing services, certified workshops and courses, masterclasses, personal consultations and much more for a healed, healthy and happy You!

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