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Learn Vidhyaa Numerology 

✔ Become a Certified Numerologist

✔ Includes factors missing from other schools of Numerology!

✔ Get detailed notes, call recording, certificate

✔ Get Gurujee and his team's lifetime support

Healers' Training Tele Summit 2022

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Vidhyaa Numerology

Certified Course: Level 1


• Lifetime WhatsApp group support

• Mudra Course (On WhatsApp)

@ INR 7,221 / USD 106 • 86% OFF


PACKAGE C (Includes Package A & B):

Vidhyaa Numerology

Certified Course: Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4


• Lifetime WhatsApp group support

• Mudra Course (On WhatsApp)

• Mahavidhya Abundance Course - MV 15

(On WhatsApp)


• Vidhyaa Numerology LEVEL 4

• Detailed Personal Consultation with a mentor from Gurujee’s team

@ INR 18,899 / US$ 276 • 89% OFF


PACKAGE B (Includes Package A): 

Vidhyaa Numerology

Certified Course: Levels 1 & 2


• Lifetime WhatsApp group support

• Mudra Course (On WhatsApp)


• Mahavidhya Abundance Course - MV 15

(On WhatsApp)

@ INR 13,131 / US$ 192 • 87% OFF



Comprehensive Numerology Personal Consultation with Gurujee & Team

✔ 15-20 minutes call with Gurujee’s team’s mentor to share your details

✔ Receive a detailed personalised report

✔ Call with Gurujee to discuss and analyse the report, remedies, options, etc.

✔ If required, 10-15 minute follow-up call

@ INR 5,115 / US$ 75 • 65% OFF


About Vidhyaa Numerology with Dr HitteshGurujee

Numerology is the science which reveals the immense potential of numbers and how it influences our life. Numbers not only affect us directly but they also represent the planets which have a strong influence on our life.

Numerology helps us to check the compatibility of birth number and name number by which we come to know the life of a person - possible hurdles, finances, past, present and future. When there is a compatibility issue between the 2 dates, one’s name number can be brought to their favourable number to make changes in their life.

Vidhyaa Numerology
The Vidhyaa method of numerology has been created by Dr HitteshGurujee.
- This  method has been created considering various schools of numerology like Chaldean and the Devanagari North & East Indian method
- It includes the theory of relativity as per Gurujee’s experience along with consideration of the exceptions to the rule & method
- It has been created as per today’s world’s time & space
- It has considered and taken inputs from other art forms of Divination like Astrology, Swaroday Yoga, etc.
- Gurujee has invented this technique keeping in mind the missing factors in other Numerology methods
- Includes Gurujee’s tool to do the graph analysis of a person’s name, which reveals a lot about the person

Benefits of Learning Vidhyaa Numerology from Dr HitteshGurujee

★ Become a certified numerologist


★ It has considered the missing factors from other schools of Numerology


★ It has considered and taken inputs from other art forms of Divination like Astrology, Swaroday Yoga, etc.


★ Get PDF notes, call recordings and certificate


★ All learners get lifetime group support


★ All learners get Bonus Mudra course

About Your Healer-Instructor, Dr HitteshGurujee

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Dr HitteshGurujee is a PhD in social sciences and an award-winning practitioner of Numerology, Astrology, Sawaroday, Vastu Shastra, Aura & Chakra cleansing and many more modalities. He has been awarded as the ‘Best Astrologer’ for 9 years by Ayush Mantralaya and has received several awards (listed below).


So profound, relatable and popular is Gurujee's knowledge that he has done countless shows on Indian television and has also appeared on American and British TV channels and radio. He is also the author of spiritual books such as ‘Aura’, ‘Puja of Sri Yantra and Laxmi’ and ‘Navgrah remedies for nine planets’. He has also released several meditation and Mantra CDs.


He is the founder and President of the NGO, Vidhyaa Art of Eternal Science, which conducts meditation and stress relief programs for people and in orphanages.


More Awards Won / Recognition for Dr HitteshGurujee:

• ‘PhD. in Spiritual Sciences (SRI VIDHYAA)’ by the Government of Karnataka (2015)

• ‘Best Speaker’ Third International Conference in Mysore on Sri Vidhyaa (2015)

• ‘Best Astrologer on Astrology Show on television’ by Business & Entertainment Global Awards

• ‘Best Astrologer’ consecutively for five years from 2012 till 2016 by AAROGYAM

Dr HitteshGurujee's Special Limited-Period Offers

PACKAGE A: Vidhyaa Numerology Certified Course: Level 1

✔ Total 13.5 hrs (2 days a week. 1.5 hrs each session)

✔ Become a certified Numerologist

✔ Get Call Recordings, PDF Notes, Practitioner's E-Certificate (after exam)


• Lifetime WhatsApp group support

• Mudra Course (On WhatsApp)


• Pranayam

• Male & Female numbers

• Birth, Destiny, Sunsign numbers

• Planets according to Sunsign & Birth numbers

• Power of Sound & Name

• Energy flow of graph along with analysis and making

• Predictions via graph and number

• Brain scan as per numerology

• Characteristics of each number starting from zero

• Characteristics of each individual Name number & Remedies

• Secrets of Name number

• Characteristics of Complex numbers

• Compatibility

• Logos according to numbers

• Favourable Colour according to numbers

• Favourable Dates & Years

• Mantra Diksha of planets