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Sweta & Sandy from Connecting NGO

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Be Heard with Connecting NGO 

✔ Non-judgmental, non-advisory, confidential and anonymous listening service for those feeling low, distressed and/or suicidal.

✔ Safe space for sharing and being heard without judgment

✔ Call when needed; Become a volunteer; Donate

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HEALthier BE! Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

• Many of us feel stressed often. And sometimes, emotions can be hard to understand. Simply talking out and being heard can be life-changing!

• The start of a conversation is always the tip of the iceberg. 
As the person flows through the conversation, understand themselves, feel safe and therefore courageous to communicate, they reach the depths of their emotions.

• Suicidal thoughts occur when people cannot find the way out of pain. People don’t wish to end their lives but the pain and suicide is a way of coping.

• No charge, No time limits - speak your heart out with Connecting NGO! Reach out as many times as you like!

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Connect with Connecting Helpline

REACH OUT when you wish to be heard...
Feeling low, depressed and / or suicidal...

CALL from anywhere in the world -

+91 9922 001122 / +91 9922 004305

(Your telecom service provider’s standard charges apply)


✔ Available from 10am - 8pm India / 12.30am - 10.30am ET


✔ Service available in English, Hindi & Marathi

SMS +91 84840 33312

✔ If you are a survivor of suicide and wish to be called, you can SMS and a volunteer will call to support you



✔ You will receive response to email within 48 hrs

Brenda & Charu's Limited-Period Special Offers

To Become a Volunteer...

✔ CALL on or send WhatsApp to +91 70302 30033

(Chetan Kawale)




Donations are Welcome!

✔ All donations are exempted under section 80G

of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961


✔ Currently, donations from only Indian nationals

are being accepted

Multiple payment options available 

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Transfer from any GPay, PayTM or ANY UPI app to - connectingtrust.62639737@hdfcbank


Bank Account Details


Account Number: 50100425772031


Branch Name: Ground Floor 15 A/1, Hotel Gulmohar,

Sadhu Vaswani Road. Pune Station Pune 411001

IFSC: HDFC0002523


Brenda & Charu Packages - Health Summit 2023 .png

Importance Of Being Heard:

To be heard is powerful. Being heard without an agenda of giving advice, correcting, judging, guiding or in any way coming into the conversation with views, allows the other person to come in touch with any overwhelming painful emotions and experiences they have been through.


People in distress are offered a safe space to sift through experiences and understand these painful emotions in the loving presence of another person. Something shifts in the conversation, something unpacks for them…sometimes resources emerge or some clarity on what they may want to do next which helpsthem reduce their stress, thereby reducing suicidal feelings and risks. 

Highlights About Connecting NGO

 What Connecting Trust Helpline IS

★ A Safe, Non-Judgmental and Non-advisory Listening Space

★ Free of cost

★ Support for anybody & everybody - children to elderly

What Connecting Trust Helpline IS NOT

★ Does not offer any solution or guidance

★ Does not offer any financial, legal or medical service


★ Does not initiate a call unless the beneficiary is a survivor of suicide


★ Does not mediate any conversation

About Connecting Trust NGO

connecting ngo logo.jpg

Connecting Helpline as an NGO, was started in 2005 by Arnavaz Damania and a group of concerned citizens.


It is based in Pune and works towards suicide prevention by providing mindful, non-judgmental and non-advisory listening to individuals and communities as well as empowering them to do the same for themselves and for the individuals and communities around them.


It has a strong 17+ years of experience in this field with strong programs at the prevention, intervention and postvention levels!


The mission of Connecting is to create and enable a cohesive and comprehensive community of mindful listeners, within the organisation and outside, that can support people who are going through emotional distress and/or feeling suicidal. 

About your Speaker - Sweta 

Sweta has been in the organisation for almost a decade and has since contributed in various capacities. She currently heads the trainings at Connecting Trust, is a mentor and volunteer. 

With her background of binary digits (IT), she looked to do something more meaningful. The entire process of listening, supporting and thereby healing was intriguing to her.


What started as exploration has now become a way of life. She has thoroughly understood and now trains others to understand that when you hold the space for others, you are equally held in the same space.

sweta - connecting ngo.jpg

About your Speaker - Sandy Dias Andrade

sandy - connecting ngo.jpg

Sandy Andrade is the co-managing trustee at Connecting Trust, a psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health and mindfulness and presence oriented applications.


She initiated the helpline at Connecting in 2008 and has co–designed its training program for volunteers.

She is also the founder-director of ‘Just Being Center for Mindfulness and Presence’

Success Stories

“Thank you, for being my stool when I had no ground to stand on. When I had nothing to believe in, you believed in me.”
- Anonymous Caller 

“Connecting journey was a lifetime experience. The training session was an eye-opener. All the trainers kept us focused on the training. It was done amazingly.”
- Volunteer at Connecting NGO

“While speaking with X, I sensed that X was feeling unloved and unsupported at home. Some time into the conversation, X screamed and said what I was so caring and understanding while X’s loved ones have rejected X….and started crying. It was a very touching moment for me too and I realised that receiving love can be as overwhelming as the longing for it.”
- Volunteer at Connecting NGO

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