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Light Key Frequencies

✔ Learn from Original Master, Nila

✔ Includes powerful processes & creative uses

✔ Get PDF manual & other Bonuses

✔ Exclusive Bonus: Prosperity Blessings by Nila

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Healers Training Summit 2023


Highlights from the Call 

Click to watch the respective highlights:
• 14:56 Waves of kindness! Experience the magic in a few seconds...

• 21:47 Are you wishing to receive OR willing to receive? Know the difference to manifest faster!

• 27:12 Explore the 3 healing keys of light key frequencies

• 35:18 Fearlessly ask what you want! And know this…

• 42:59 A healing magic wand for any situation! (super success story)

• 01:30:34 How she moved from being a drama-queen to Queen of her life! (super success story)

Choose anything that's bothering you and receive a kindness symbol to heal!

Call R 1


Highlights from the Call 

• 6:27 Found It! Prosperity & Abundance are HERE!

Call R 2


Certified Basic Light Key Frequencies Course


@ US$ 92 / Rs 6,692 . 68% OFF

Know More

Nila's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A: Certified Basic Light Key Frequencies Course (pre-recorded)


Pre-recorded 2 hrs class 
PDF manual will be shared.

Get access to -

  •  Downloadable class recording

  •  Comprehensive PDF notes

  •  Practitioner's e-certificate after passing a quiz

  •  Facebook group with fellow practitioners


  • PDF with Creative uses of Light Key Frequencies

  • Group Prosperity Blessings from Nila (10 mins)

  • US$ 11 (Rs 946) Discount coupon to purchase any product in Nila's Infinite Healing e-shop

  • 12% Discount coupon on the leader level (advanced) frequency class - Light Key Frequencies & Vortices for limitless reality


  • Transformational processes for body, life and beyond

  • Frequencies to work with your Body, Mind & Spirit - 

  • Golden Earth: To build a fulfilling, joyful and abundant life

  • Universal Kindness: To create peace, harmony and possibilities

  • Rainbow Ray: Ultra-powerful block-crusher for any area of your life! 

  • To clear and cancel limiting beliefs, energy blocks and old contracts


• Relief from stubborn issues

• Physical, mental and emotional vitality

• Enhance healing of physical and mental ailments

• Diffuse emotions like anger, fear, etc.

• Work on infants, babies and children’s health!

• Healing cravings and addictions

• Increase your business; land jobs

• Improved self-worth

• Harmonise conflicts, relationships at home & work

• Kindness activates abundance in all areas of life!

• Restore electronic devices

• Hair growth

• Many more creative uses!!

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Pkg A

About Light Key Frequencies 

 The Light Key Frequencies are a set of powerful energies to transform pain to positivity. I.e. heal any unfavourable situation for your highest good. They are a part of Light Key Wellness System, a modality channelled by Nila to help people embrace their mastery and divinity. It is a practice of using high vibrational symbols (known as light keys) frequencies and processes to embrace the Divine in us and works around the principle of transmuting energies.


The principles of this system are:


1.  You are the master of your universe, creating your life whether you are aware of it or not 

2. Everything is energy and malleable

3.  Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed & transmuted through intention and choice

4. Everyone is unique and contributes to the collective in their own way. 

5. Healing is a personal choice


This system helps us to bring all areas of our life in conscious awareness, helping us make the choices that work for us. 


Be it abuse, trauma, intimacy issues, space clearings, manifestation or psychic and personal development, the light frequencies can help you in all these ways and more!


Originally channelled from Mother Mirra Alfasa, many light beings have contributed to develop this modality since then.

Benefits of Learning From Nila

★ Unique channelled course offered only by Nila and Light Key facilitators


★ Includes exclusively channelled healing tools


★ Learn from the channeller herself!


★ Nila has extensive international experience in teaching & brings a different dimension every time she teaches


★ Over 1,300 Light Key practitioners certified till now


★ Aspiring healers / beginners - great start to your career

★ Experienced healers - Add more ease and efficiency into your sessions!

Amazing Success Stories!


• A corporate was to pay a huge longstanding sum to Nila’s team. After using some powerful protocols, the CEO of that company paid all their dues within weeks!


• Sunali released 90% of her son’s back pain in 10 minutes, within 4 days of learning from Nila!


• Shifra’s (Nila’s student) friend with a heart condition, couldn’t walk stairs without being out of breath. That changed after just 1 session with Shifra.


• A government procedure was taking too long and Nila did a magical frequency. Within minutes, higher officials came in and within minutes, the work was done!


• SR was struggling for success even after working for 15 hours a day. After a few sessions, his workload reduced tremendously, he received a great score in company surveys and got success and visibility, both in his job and outside

About Your Trainer, Nila


Nila is the creator of the Light Key Wellness System, a medium and channel with an experience of over 50 modalities. Her courses have reached over 7,000 people in 125 countries across the world with over 100 channelled courses.

Shifting people from victimhood of abuse and trauma to mastery is her speciality!


Having co-authored 2 best-selling books, she has written 13 books too, all while successfully running an IT company.


A sensitive soul, she has battled anxiety and depression but a loss in her life was the rock bottom and that’s how she began her healing journey to ‘fix’ herself until she realised there’s nothing to fix and that led her from victimhood to mastery.

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