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Arpita Thakkar

Award-winning Multi-modality Healer

Modalities: Tarot Cards ,Reiki

Experience:   9 Years

Speciality: Spiritual

Location: Mumbai

Languages: Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, English

Available: Mon To Sat: Afternoon 2 To 7pm

Previous Experience: Have conducted many workshops on different modalities. Have also done tarot reading for many clients on request

Awards: RECEIVED NAARI SHAKTI Award in 2018 for making contributions in the field of fitness.



About Arpita Thakkar

Arpita Thakkar is an alternative therapist, spiritual coach, Reiki grandmaster, Tarot card reader, Angel guidance facilitator, Bach flower therapist, Pendulum dowsing teacher, switchwords master, Akashic Records teacher, Humkara with Haleem master, automatic writing teacher, and author of two books 'Turning the Mind Lights on' and ‘Akashic Records: Unlock to Unblock You’.

A trainer and practitioner of over ten years, Arpita has had her work featured in Gyankalash and Wedzilla Magazines. She has won the Naari Shakti 2017 Award and three times the award winner for the Best Akashik Records Coach.

Among all her specialties, Akashik Records is her favourite modality to practise and teach. Using this modality, she explores deeper connections between people and the Universe and the energies that flow within it. She is grateful to access the knowledge and karmas from different past lives to heal and clear blockages in the current life and unlock the healthiest and smoothest future. She provides insights on relationship problems, family disruptions, legal and financial concerns, behavioural patterns, health issues, etc. and a range of remedies for well-being across all areas of life.

She has successfully trained over a 1,000 national and international students in Akashic Records and has performed over a 1,000 Akashic readings for her students and seekers. Even with an ever-increasing number of people approaching her, Arpita dutifully continues to personally conduct all her Akashic Records classes and readings. Known as a humble and generous practitioner, Arpita has also created two Courses downloaded from the wisdom of Akashic Records. Her special Courses ‘The Love Frequency Workshop’ and ‘The Akashic Abundance Course’ have helped people in healing and manifestation practices, enabling their well-being in different aspects of life.

She envisions her work reaching a wider global audience while enriching her home networks. Learning and teaching charges her Soul and she wishes to guide people in recharging theirs.

Love for Arpita!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am happy to have been part of Arpita's Akashic reading course. This has been the best skill through the best teacher ever.

The reason being, she stands out class apart in her teaching style, where she brings a right blend of concept, practice while at the same time sharing her own experiences right from the start of her journey, which creates a comfortable and believable path for students.

She is also one of the very few spiritual teachers who appreciates every bit of individual experiences shared in class, which is highly welcome and motivating.

The course is designed in a way that the practitioner can greatly benefit by immediately pursuing this as a profession 

I have learnt Akashic Records with Arpita mam. She makes it very easy to learn. She teaches akashic in an authentic way with no unnecessary embellishments. And that's what I really like about her. That's what led me to believe that her course reflects who she is as a person. I have seen her progression in these 2.5 years and learning akashic from her has taught me to be my authentic self. 

I have taken Akashic Reading from Arpita Mam. I recommend her strongly for all those who are stuck in their lives for some reason.

She had read records for my small son who is very different from others as he is a special child. I used to be a lot worried for him.

Her reading helped me to understand my son and his past life karma with me. After the reading, there is a difference in how I see my son. This understanding is very deep.

Arpita is incredibly polite, patiently listens to all your problems, and provides healing, affirmations and guidance. Her openness and clear expectations of the messages are highly appreciated.

Arpita-ji is such a blessed soul. She is a great guru, always present to guide you. Her teachings are blessings. 

I had two personal issues of mine to look into the records. 
Arpita's prayers provided guidance and helped me in solving those issues. I feel like a baggage has been removed from my shoulders. I truly appreciate the way she guides and is ready to even go out of her way to help. 

Hi, Arpita-ji. As per your guidance from the Akashic Records Reading my relationship with my son has now changed for the better. I can gradually see lot of positive changes happening in our relationship.

Arpita is an excellent teacher,  she is a very, very good Reiki Grand Master, Tarot and Angel Card reader, she teaches so nicely and I am fully satisfied with her teaching, She is a master of all, She is polite and soft-spoken. I am very impressed with her, I recommend everybody to learn Reiki from her. 

- Jyoti Choudhary

. I have known Arpitaben for the past several years. She is Multitalented and very down to earth.

I have learnt basics of Reiki healing from her for my personal use & she has taught me very professionally. Her predictions are very true & she gives perfect guidance. I wish her All the Best in the future. Stay Blessed ArpitaBen. 

- Neeta V. Kotecha

Arpita you are an amazing Tarot reader and talented in Reiki and many other fields. Your suggestions are so real and positive. Stay blessed always. 

- Purvi Thacker

Arpita,just like the name she's an amazing person as well.She has always been the master in reiki,tarot card and angel card reading. I always find it better to take suggestions from her and her predictions are also found to be true.

Thanks for always suggesting me positive things and making me feel positive. 

- Shruti Chhadwa

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