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Dr. Geetanjali Saxena


Astro-Numerology with Rudraksha
& Other Remedies

✔ Become a professional or choose personal session

✔ Double impact with Astro-Numerology 

✔ Receive personalised remedies in session 

✔ Course includes support, PDF notes, e-certificate

The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies
May 2023 Masterclass


Highlights from the Call

Click here for Astro-Numerology importance and benefits shared by Dr Geetanjali


Click here for remedies to pacify challenging effects of no. 8 in your DOB 


Click here for Astro-Numerology demos with Dr Geetanjali. Amazingly accurate; simple remedies! 


Click here to know how Smriti helped heal her family after learning Astro-numerology from Dr Geetanjali 


Click here to know Astro-Numerology remedies for name and fame in 2023 shared by Dr Geetanjali

Dr Geetanjali's Astro-Numerology Success Stories

• R’s marital issues showed alarming astro-numero combinations with wife! Within 6 months of Dr Geetanjali’s consultation and remedies, the issues were resolved and the couple is together happily now 

• Pragati’s Canada visa got rejected 3 times despite being fully qualified. Within 8 months of following Dr Geetanjali’s remedies, she got her Visa and travelled to Canada! 

• Mahesh’s diabetes and cholesterol was not getting under control despite following Doctor’s advice. He saw remarkable shift in his health within 3 months of following Dr Geetanjali’s remedies!


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Personal Session (30 mins):

Astro-Numerology Reading + Rudraksha & Other Remedies

@ USD 49 / INR 3,500 • 22% OFF

Book Here


Personal Session (45 mins): Astro-Numerology Reading

(30 mins) +

Addt'l Astrology Analysis

(15 mins) +

Rudraksha & Other Remedies

@ USD 66 / INR 4,800 • 40% OFF

Book Here


Astro-Numerology with

Rudraksha & Other Remedies Professional Course

@ USD 274 / INR 19,990 

Book Here

Dr Geetanjali's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A: Personal Session (30 mins):
Astro-Numerology Reading +
Rudraksha & Other Remedies

30 minutes - Online one-on-one session with Dr Geetanjali

Benefit for any issue from any area of your life!

✔ Ask unlimited questions within 30 minutes

✔ Receive detailed analysis as per your birth numbers and characteristics

✔ Personalised Rudraksha, mantras, rituals or Lal Kitab remedies as applicable

✔ Rudrakshas not included in the package. They can be separately purchased from trusted expert like Dr Geetanjali


 •  You can record the session if you wish

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Join Program
pkg A

Brenda & Charu's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE B: Personal Session (45 mins):
Astro-Numerology Reading (30 mins) + 
Addt'l Astrology Analysis (15 mins) +
Rudraksha & Other Remedies


✔ Detailed Astro-Numerology Analysis (30 mins)


✔ ADDITIONAL Astrology Reading as per your birth chart and current planetary positions (15 mins)

✔ Includes astrology-based analysis and deeper insights for your concern

✔ Personalised remedies as per both astro-numero analysis, as applicable

 •  You can record the session if you wish

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PACKAGE C: Astro-Numerology with Rudraksha & Other Remedies Professional Course


• It's the simplest advanced Numerology with an Astrology perspective!

• No prior knowledge or experience of Astrology or Numerology is required

• Receive Dr. Geetanjali's 15+ years of effective wisdom and techniques packed into 1 course!

• Includes learning Rudraksha remedies, Lal Kitab remedies & more!

• Learn Name Change

• Become a professional - do readings and provide remedies to clients

✔  18 hrs live group course (across 3 days. 6 hrs each class)


✔  Get PDF notes & e-certificate from Dr. Geetanjali's Institute of Holistic Sciences


✔  DATES: 9 - 11 June 2023 (Fri - Sun)

✔  Time: 3 pm to 9 pm India / 5.30 am - 11.30 am ET


• 6 months of WhatsApp group support

• Live group practice session (1 hr)

• Free revision in the next batch


• Numbers and planets

• Single Number

• Compound Number

• Psychic Number

• Destiny Number

• Personality Number

• Heart Number

• Name Number

• Name Change

• Personal Year

• Personal Month

• Personal Day A

• Four Pinnacles

• Rudraksha Remedies, Lal Kitab & Other Remedies

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pkg b
pkg c
Brenda & Charu Packages - Health Summit 2023 .png

What is Astro-Numerology

Astrology is related to planets, while numerology comes from astrology. Astrology is a structure (and not just a tool) to understand our nature and change our perceptions towards life to achieve the desired goals.


Numerology involves the spiritual significance of numbers and their influence on our lives. It helps us understand the opportunities and challenges we may face during a certain period of time.

Astro-Numerology is the simplest advanced version of Numerology. It looks at Numerology with a powerful added perspective of Astrology.


Dr Geetanjali gives remedies of all kinds like mantras, rituals, Lal-kitaab remedies and so on. She is also known to give powerful Rudraksha remedies.

About Rudraksha

Nature’s most powerful seeds, Rudrakshas are deeply linked to astrology and numerology. Rudrakshas are known since centuries for their different powers and properties. Their remedies specifically for you based on your planets and numbers can bring immediate shifts and completely transform your life!

Benefits of Astro-Numerology with Dr Geetanjali


★ Receive personalised remedies for any situation you may be facing in any aspect of life - health, relationships, finances, career, etc. 
★ Receive detailed analysis as per your birth numbers and characteristics


★ Know yourself inside out and help others too professionally

★ Explore the play of your name, its numbers and their impact on your behaviour, health, relationships and other aspects of life

★ Navigate through challenges and explore new chances with your numbers

★ Align with your karmic lessons and evolve into a better version of yourself

★ Know all the important numbers, their meanings, their connections with planets and deeper insights

★ Help convert challenges into chances by combining important factors of astrology, numerology and remedies including Rudraksha remedies

About Your Healer-Instructor, Dr Geetanjali Saxena

Dr Geetanjali Saxena.png

Dr Geetanjali Saxena is a wellness coach and distinguished therapist trained in multiple modalities with more than two decades of hands-on experience. She is the founder and director of the Institute of Holistic Sciences Mumbai, India which is accredited to IPHM, UK

(IPHM is the accreditation board for holistic complementary alternative therapists, and training providers).

Dr Geetanjali also has a Ph.D. in Psychotherapy and Counseling from the University of Northeast Virginia. She is a hypnotherapy trainer with California Hypnotist Institute, USA.

Having learnt ASTRO NUMEROLOGY in 2012, Dr Geetanjali has almost 10+ years hands-on experience in this field and has seen a lot of benefits in her personal life as well as her clients. 

Dr Geetanjali takes her role as a healer and spiritual facilitator seriously. She empowers people to take charge of their life holistically by facilitating them through healing and by teaching them therapies that complement their natural flow of energies. 

Dr Geetanjali is a regular contributor to major publication houses like Mid-Day and HT café. She has helped thousands of people including celebrities and sports personalities overcome challenging situations such as troubled marriages, toxic relationships, and loss of a loved one and start afresh.

She welcomes you on her mission to make holistic health care available to all and help people experience the bliss of absolute mind, body and soul alignment.

Dr Geetanjali’s Prestigious International Certifications

  • Received Angel therapy training under Diana Cooper and Doreen Virtue

  • Certified Trainer under Vianna Stibal, USA, the founder of Theta Healing for Basic and Advanced DNA

  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a trainer with Dr Brian Weiss, USA, author of Many Lives, Many Masters

  • Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist by TASSO

  • EARTh Certified Professional and Trainer for Inner Child Integration by Trisha Caetano, EARTh

  • Trained under Spiritual and Mediumship healer Michaela Adam Horst, Germany

  • Trained under Mark Woolly, USA, Family Constellation Therapy

  • International member of TASSO Board, Holland

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