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Brenda & Charu

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Healing and Clearing dark entities

✔ Option for personal session & course

✔ Session is 2.5hrs long extensive process

✔ In course, do clearing for self and others

✔ Receive lifetime support post-learning

Divination Shakti Virtual Summit 2022


Highlights from the Call

• Negative energies are emotions like anger, jealousy, resentment, etc. These negative emotions cause cracks in a person’s auric fields and create an environment that attract dark entities… 


• There are different types of dark entities - 

1. Sometimes people leave the earthly plane when the soul is not ready, like a sudden accident shocking the soul, sometimes through suicide. With them wanting to live but without a body, they can’t complete what they wish for. So they attach themselves to humans and play their part through human beings. 


2. Those with negative feelings towards someone, may use these energies and program them with the specific mission of blocking others with whatever ill intentions they have, be it for a relationship, marriage, career, health, etc.


3. Another type is when a person sucks others’ energy like a vamp, with their negative energies, whether knowingly or unknowingly. 


4. Curses, angry words said when high on emotions - we may curse ourselves or others too


Keeping our vibrations high with meditation, walking in nature, exercising, etc. will ensure the environment to breed dark entities won’t be created. 


Check out the call replay for mind-blowing demos and stories on identifying dark energies and their impact!

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Call Replay 2


PACKAGE A: Personal Scanning & Diagnosis Session (15 mins)

•  Receive PDF Report with all details• Session doesn't include healing

@ INR 3,701 / USD 51 • 69% OFF



B&C Miracle Method Course - Level 1


• 5 Instant Money Manifestation Live Group Calls

• Lifetime WhatsApp group support!

@ INR 24,000 / USD 329 • 29% OFF


PACKAGE B (Includes Package A):

Personal Clearing & Healing

Session (2.5 hrs)


• PACKAGE A! Scanning and Diagnosis Session

(15 mins)

• Personal Discovery Session on Zoom (15 mins)

@ INR 15,000 / USD 205 • 58% OFF


PACKAGE D (Includes Package C):

B&C Miracle Method Course - Levels 1 & 2


• 5 Instant Money Manifestation Live Group Calls

• Lifetime WhatsApp group support!


•  Professional Training & Practice Session (3 hrs)

@ INR 48,000 / USD 656 • 41% OFF


About the B&C Miracle Method 

Oftentimes, we have come to understand that hardwork and results are not proportional and an invisible force tends to impact our lives. But clearing all that is blocking our progress with ease and safety is essential for us to grow. 


Dark entities don’t just block our spiritual healing but our medical healing too. To reach the root cause, one needs to understand why are they suffering. From clearing dark entities to healing chronic health issues like chronic pains, heart disorders and diabetes to money and relationship issues, The B & C Miracle Method can help you heal.

How it Works

With a result oriented approach to solving problems, the B&C Miracle Method is a great simple to use technique. Using a pendulum and a set of charts, it is a direct way to tap into the energy field to identify limiting beliefs. Working with the subconscious mind, the B&C Miracle Method can be used to change the negative emotions with positive emotions.


With the help of quantum healing principles, Brenda and Charu can help you clear the issue right from the timeline it began as it heals the issue from the present moment.

Miraculous B&C Miracle Method for
clearing dark entities!

Benefits of a Healing Session


★ Freedom from all dark entities like psychic attacks, black magic, etc. in your energy field


★ See positive shifts in all areas of life worked on


★ Experience ease in life 


★ Feel positive, more energetic, balanced and fearless


★ RECEIVE a detailed PDF report on all areas / energies worked on


Benefits of Learning Level 1

★ Learn to work on Health, Relationships, Monies, Business, Property and any other area of life


Benefits of Learning Level 2 

★ Learn to clear from aura and energy field for yourself and clients - 

Lethal negative energies, curses, contracts, entities, psychic attacks, open portals, spirit possession, vampire energy, implants, black magic, etc.

About Your Healer-Instructor, Charu Mathur