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The Mystic Lotus Divination Virtual Summit 2022

Nov 12 - Dec 12  2022

Why This is the Place to Be!

✓ Access 13 techniques, 13 Zoom calls + Replays

✓ Receive guidance and insights for all areas of life

✓ Get un-stuck! Gain unique perspectives, manifest new opportunities

✓ Readings, demos and giveaways on all calls

✓ Access to private group to chat with experts

✓ Unlock special programs for further healing

This is for You if…

✓ You are concerned about your family, especially children and elders’ futures

✓ You need help to make certain decision(s)

✓ You feel your life has no direction nor purpose

✓ You are waiting for a push towards your dreams

✓ You generally feel you are stuck

✓ The future excites you and you’d like to learn new things

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