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'Rich People Speak' Call

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✔ 10 Daily Decrees
✔ Telegram group support

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About The Decrees with Nidhu

The Decrees are, simply put, action statements on steroids or mantras in English that work in SECONDS! These are cosmically charged words / commands. Speaking them takes a couple of SECONDS and the shifts they bring ALSO take just a couple of SECONDS! And since the law of attraction states that our internal reality creates our external reality you will not just feel better but also see results in your money, health and relationships (including an organic connection with the universe).
There is nothing faster or simpler or easier than this in the world! Comprising of one, two, three or four words, this is redefining language to make us have happier, healthier, wealthier lives! Using them brings in light, higher vibrations IN SECONDS and this reflects in our external reality the same day.

In manifestation Alchemy, the importance of releasing blocks to open up to more possibilities takes place together. So both, releasing blockages AND manifesting unexpected money or delightful opportunities happen with The Decrees.
How does it work
Everything is energy, including language. Energy is a vibratory, sentient frequency. We are constantly vibrating. Whatever or whoever we see, hear, touch, smell, taste is also vibrating. We respond or react to the vibrations we come across and others respond or react to our vibrations. Words are a vibration. Decrees are words with very high vibrations. They carry a frequency that when used in a certain way, heals faster than anything else!
Decrees can take us from low vibrations of fear-based decisions or ego-based power games  to a high vibration of guided answers and win-win solutions. The decrees work at all levels you can think of - head, heart, emotions, thoughts and behaviours simultaneously.
There are 4 ways in which a Decree works -
1. You may manifest your intention immediately. For eg. recover stuck monies or get a promotion, etc.
2. A block may be revealed. For eg. fear of accumulating lots of wealth
3. You may receive a message, guidance or intuition. For eg. apply for a new job or even call an old friend
4. You may receive an opportunity to reach your goals faster.  For eg. partnerships may show up
Disclaimer: The reverse may also happen to show us what is required! For example a big bill may show up when doing money work. Higher bills when doing money work mean one half of you (the giving) needs to open up so the other half of you (the receiving) can get more.
The reverse may also happen to show us what is required! For example if you receive a big bill and are anxious about paying it, it may reveal that you have block in "giving" which needs to open up so you can create space for "receiving".
There are several unbelievable but true stories of the Decrees' success - like Leena manifested USD 6,445 / Rs 5,00,000 in one day! Vaishali’s 2-month back pain went in a day! Elizabeth’s 30-year-old knee pain was gone in minutes! 1,000s more have experienced such tangible results.

Amazing Features & Benefits of The Decrees

★ The simplicity of the process – it is just few words and numbers!


★ The Decrees give the fastest shifts in the world - in seconds and minutes!
★ Use it on anything and everything, anyone and everyone including pets, plants, etc.
★ It’s easy to do it yourself, for yourself, loved ones, clients, pets and plants too!
★ See results in the external world within 24 hours!


★ Chronic Projects get relief in minutes


★ Trauma from the past goes away
★ PTSD comes down
★ Stuckness releases, blocks get busted
★ You connect to your authenticity and truth fastest


★ You draw healthy boundaries quickly as self-respect and self-esteem rise

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Nidhu B Kapoor

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