Gaurang Somaiya

Activate Money Flows:
With Akashic Tarot & Multi-Modality Healing

Option for Multi-modality healing for 1 MONTH! 

Multi-modalities include - Violet Flame Healing, Karmic Clearing, Hoʻoponopono, Vedic Switchwords Chanting

Specially Created Packages Valid for Limited Time Only! 

The Devi Tele Summit 2022

Highlights from the Call

★ Abundance doesn’t have to do with just Money, it means having harmony and balance in all areas of life!  


★ Did you know relationship blocks can also create blocks to attract abundance!


★ We can have multi-dimensional abundance blocks such as past life vows, contracts, etc.


★ Akashic Tarot connects with multi-dimensional planes and helps identify blocks. Violet Flame healing transforms all negative energies even from past lives and not only makes it positive but also converts it into pure light! 

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PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS: Savings upto 54%!


Personal Akashic Tarot Reading & Remedies PLUS Violet Flame Healing (45 mins)


Hoʻoponopono Forgiveness & Karmic Clearance Healing -

Money Masterclass (Weekend of Wealth - WOW!) - Live Zoom Call


Original Price:  Rs 6,500 / US$ 95

Special Price: Rs 2,999 / US$ 44 • 54% OFF


PACKAGE B (Includes Package A):

Akashic Tarot Reading & Remedies PLUS

Multi-Modality Healing


Hoʻoponopono Forgiveness & Karmic Clearance Healing -

Money Masterclass (Weekend of Wealth - WOW!) - Live Zoom Call


Original Price:  Rs 11,000 / US$ 161

Special Price: Rs 5,999 / US$ 88 • 45% OFF


Akashic Tarot Reading with Violet Flame
Healing for More Monies

There are many types of abundance blocks rooted in different points of origin. Here are some ways -
• Money blocks rooted in past lives
• Money blocks passed down via past generations
• Karmic reasons
• Vows, agreements, contracts of poverty and fears
• Toxic relationships, people and situations

These can be identified by Akashic Tarot reading.

Sometimes, making changes at the mental, emotional and physical level is not enough to clear abundance blocks and attract money. As the blocks can be from past lives and hard to understand at the physical level, this is where Akashic Tarot reading and Violet Flame Healing come into the picture.

Violet Flame Healing

Violet flame healing is a tool which heals at the atomic level. It converts all negative elements till the core level to positive energy.

The Violet Flame converts negative energy into light and frees up the space occupied by the negative elements. This brings balance and harmony to all your states (health, wealth, relationships, etc.) leading you to a higher spiritual state as well.

Benefits of Violet Flame Healing

★ Heals at the cellular level! Also, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

★ Removes all types of negative energies and emotions related to any

trauma, pain, disease or any issue you may be having and converts them

into pure divine light

★ Replaces a not-so-favourable negative core belief system with a positive one

★ It helps in healing the present, also past and future as well 

About Your Healer-Instructor, Khushali Gaurang Somaiya


Khushali Gaurang Somaiya is a highly sought-after Akashic Records Trainer, Osho Zen Tarot Trainer, NLP & EFT coach, Switchwords facilitator, Ramal Vidya expert, Tarot card reader, Angel therapy healer and Bach Flower therapist


Khushali has always been passionate about teaching since childhood. After completio