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@ US$ 81 / Rs 5,879

• 68% OFF


Nila's Limited-Period Special Offer

SPECIAL PACKAGE: 2-in-1 Workshop: 

Basic Light Matrix Miracle PLUS 

Transmute your lack and limitations into Gold, Cash & Money Flow

Powerful self-help 2-in-1 workshop 

✓ Get PDF manual

✓ Get class recordings (audio and video versions)

PART 1 - Basic Light Matrix Miracle

• No more dealing with unwanted energies, SIMPLY TRANSMUTE THEM! 

• Convert negativities, draining emotions, intense, dense energies to 

life-changing possibilities 

• Know the command to get the elements of the universe create the magic you want

• You can use the technique in unlimited ways to transform your life anytime!

For example - 

• Increase business turnover

• Get dream jobs even without searching!

• Receive the Money people owe you

• Find cash/gold 

• Receive upgrades and gifts for free

• Increase your self-worth (and net worth!)



PART 2 - Transmute your lack and limitations into Gold, Cash & Money flow - Workshop


Light matrix brings out our resistances and transmutes them into Money generating possibilities!


✓ Works on our invisible resistances towards Money such as beliefs, opinions and judgements


✓ Also converts the patterns of lack, striving and struggling to fruitful opportunities



Total duration 1.5 hrs

Date: 14 Nov 2023

Time: 7.30pm India / 9am ET


★ Fame, Fortune & Stardom with Advanced Light Matrix Commands - Recorded workshop (MP3)


Have you decided? 

Fame and fortune are not spiritual!

You can never have them! 


Your willingness to be a Star can contribute to the planet and brighten up the Universe!


✓ This recorded MP3 (30 mins) includes Advanced Light Matrix Commands

✓ The commands work at a very deep level to release and undo -

• All structures and resistances you might have set up around being famous

• Dissolve all foundations and beliefs you may have held against fame

✓ Recommended repeat listening 


★ Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix - 3 Recorded Loops MP3s

✓ 3 powerful recordings of Light Matrix commands to release and move into abundance -

1. Release the resistance to Money

2. Release poverty consciousness

3. Release Money worries

✓ Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background 

to attract abundance


★ Mahalakshmi Money Live Transmission (at the end of class)

✓ Nila will channel and flow the energy of Money for all participants 

from the Goddess of Wealth – Mahalakshmi

✓ This will upgrade your vibrations and help you attract more Money in your life 


★ Opening the floodgates of Money with Beings of Light -

Live group Zoom call on the Weekend of Wealth (WOW!)

✓ A meditative process to connect to the beings of light who specialise in Money and work with them to create Money flows in abundance

✓ Know how everything and everyone can be a contribution to you!

On 3rd Nov 2023 at 3.33pm India / 6.03am ET (approx. 1 hr)

Replay will be shared


Please Note Nila’s workshop is a self-help tool. You don’t get qualified to heal others or become a healing practitioner 

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -

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