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Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

Money Mastery with Light Keys

Money Miracle with Light Matrix Workshop

✔ 2-in-1 Workshop PLUS 4 supporting MP3s & more!


Super-supportive bonuses to build on the wealth


Open up to unexpected prosperity and successes

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call 

Click to watch the respective highlights:

12:02 - 7 lost gold rings found; Money recovered; Businesses multiplied & more successes with Light Matrix commands

21:52 - Guided activity - 3 houses show YOUR relationship with Money and related behaviours

29:51 - Lots going on in your life? There's Good News! 

33:01 - 2 powerful guided processes in 1 with Nila to transmute (convert) your discomfort to something productive

1:41:10 - Superb success stories - Monies 3X-ed, family healed and entire life changed with Light Matrix Commands

Call Replay


@ US$ 81 / Rs 5,879

• 68% OFF


Nila's Limited-Period Special Offer

SPECIAL PACKAGE: 2-in-1 Workshop: 

Basic Light Matrix Miracle PLUS 

Transmute your lack and limitations into Gold, Cash & Money Flow

Powerful self-help 2-in-1 workshop 

✓ Get PDF manual

✓ Get class recordings (audio and video versions)

PART 1 - Basic Light Matrix Miracle

• No more dealing with unwanted energies, SIMPLY TRANSMUTE THEM! 

• Convert negativities, draining emotions, intense, dense energies to 

life-changing possibilities 

• Know the command to get the elements of the universe create the magic you want

• You can use the technique in unlimited ways to transform your life anytime!

For example - 

• Increase business turnover

• Get dream jobs even without searching!

• Receive the Money people owe you

• Find cash/gold 

• Receive upgrades and gifts for free

• Increase your self-worth (and net worth!)



PART 2 - Transmute your lack and limitations into Gold, Cash & Money flow - Workshop


Light matrix brings out our resistances and transmutes them into Money generating possibilities!


✓ Works on our invisible resistances towards Money such as beliefs, opinions and judgements


✓ Also converts the patterns of lack, striving and struggling to fruitful opportunities



Total duration 1.5 hrs

Date: 14 Nov 2023

Time: 7.30pm India / 9am ET


★ Fame, Fortune & Stardom with Advanced Light Matrix Commands - Recorded workshop (MP3)


Have you decided? 

Fame and fortune are not spiritual!

You can never have them! 


Your willingness to be a Star can contribute to the planet and brighten up the Universe!


✓ This recorded MP3 (30 mins) includes Advanced Light Matrix Commands

✓ The commands work at a very deep level to release and undo -

• All structures and resistances you might have set up around being famous

• Dissolve all foundations and beliefs you may have held against fame

✓ Recommended repeat listening 


★ Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix - 3 Recorded Loops MP3s

✓ 3 powerful recordings of Light Matrix commands to release and move into abundance -

1. Release the resistance to Money

2. Release poverty consciousness

3. Release Money worries

✓ Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background 

to attract abundance


★ Mahalakshmi Money Live Transmission (at the end of class)

✓ Nila will channel and flow the energy of Money for all participants 

from the Goddess of Wealth – Mahalakshmi

✓ This will upgrade your vibrations and help you attract more Money in your life 


★ Opening the floodgates of Money with Beings of Light -

Live group Zoom call on the Weekend of Wealth (WOW!)

✓ A meditative process to connect to the beings of light who specialise in Money and work with them to create Money flows in abundance

✓ Know how everything and everyone can be a contribution to you!

On 3rd Nov 2023 at 3.33pm India / 6.03am ET (approx. 1 hr)

Replay will be shared


Please Note Nila’s workshop is a self-help tool. You don’t get qualified to heal others or become a healing practitioner 

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -

About Light Key Wellness System

Light Key Wellness System is a modality channelled by Nila to help people embrace their mastery and divinity. It is a practice of using high vibrational symbols (known as light keys) frequencies and processes to embrace the Divine in us and works around the principle of transmuting energies.


 The principles of this system are:

1.  You are the master of your universe, creating your life whether you are aware of it or not 

2. Everything is energy and malleable

3.  Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed & transmuted through intention and choice

4. Everyone is unique and contributes to the collective in their own way. 

5. Healing is a personal choice


This system helps us to bring all areas of our life in conscious awareness, helping us make the choices that work for us. 


Be it abuse, trauma, intimacy issues, space clearings, manifestation or psychic and personal development, the light key wellness system can help you in all these ways and more!


As far as Money is concerned, it brings in awareness around your financial reality & empowers you to make conscious choices to change it.


Originally channelled from Mother Mirra Alfasa, many light beings have contributed to develop this modality since then.

Some of the Benefits People Have Had, You can too!

★ Doubled business turnover


★ Landed dream jobs without even searching


★ Received money that was stuck for several years


★ Found wad of cash/gold


★ Received upgrades and gifts for free


★ Received unexpected bonus

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

Amazing Success Stories!

• A corporate was to pay a huge longstanding sum to Nila’s team. After using some powerful protocols, the CEO of that company paid all their dues within weeks!


• Nila found 7 gold rings in a very unusual place that I thought I lost 11 years back!


• When we were playing a manifestation game, I asked for a house with Magnolia tree which I got to rent within 3 months (where this tree is not very common) and then bought it


• SS’s business boomed and she doubled her income within 6 months, with people in waiting list


• 1.5 hrs after the session, I got call by someone who wanted to GIFT me rent money and I had no way to pay for rent before the session! Just mind blowing stuff!!

About Your Prosperity Expert, Nila


Nila is the creator of the Light Key Wellness System, a medium and channel with an experience of over 50 modalities. Her courses have reached over 7,000 people in 125 countries across the world with over 100 channelled courses.


Shifting people from victimhood of abuse and trauma to mastery is her speciality!


Nila has co-authored 2 best-selling books and written 13 more books, all while successfully running an IT company.


 A sensitive soul, Nila has battled anxiety and depression but a loss in her life was the rock bottom and that’s how she began her healing journey to ‘fix’ herself until she realised there’s nothing to fix and that led her from victimhood to mastery.

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