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Nidhu B Kapoor

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Money COMES IN Today!

Money COMES IN Everyday!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call 

Click to watch the respective highlights:

6:54 - Make Turbo-Charged MONEY Water in 2 Minutes!

18:51 - Align with DurgaMa energies IN MINUTES! 

25:14 - DurgaMA Destroys Your troubles Here. Experience Now!

57:59 - Secret 1.5 minutes Alchemy from Nidhu if you are in pain

1:12:23 - 3-word word medicine that can get you Money every day! (People received on the call itself)

1:21:44 - Life-lessons from Demon Kings so that we don’t make their mistakes in getting what we want

1:35:21 - Money is EVERY DAY! Are You Making it Daily? Housewives, husbands, businesspersons - know this about Money and make it daily

1:43:54 - Do you have Busy-ness or Business? The impact of being organised and disorganised explained like ever before

1:51:43 - 3 things that are completely off balance when we are disorganised and what to do

2:09:02 - 1 guaranteed Money-maker question to ask daily & change the way you receive forever

2:12:46 - The worst disorganisation impacting your wealth (Shocking!)

2:31:57 - 5 Power Moves to get more organised, more Monies!

Call Replay


@ USD$ 82 / Rs 5,982

• 75% OFF


@ USD$ 197 / Rs 13,982

• 81% OFF


@ USD$ 150 / Rs 11,000

• 49% OFF


Nidhu's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A: The Moon, Money & Me

4 Moon calls

11/11 Miraculous Money Manifestation Method call (WOW Bonus)

Practice for 11 days on email and Telegram group together (Part of WOW Bonus)


Call 1

Full Moon Zodiac Special - How your Zodiac Gets you money! 

Your Zodiac (sun sign) carries many secrets and explanations for your life! An Aries, for example, tends to be insensitive to their own and other people's emotions so they do not like social interruptions when they work (unlike a Piescean who would prefer to be social at work too and so finds it difficult to work independently). This is a light and fun call for us to connect with each other better! 


Calls 2 to 4

Three New Moon poverty vows, REMOVED! 

With Goddess Alchemy and DurgaMa Decrees 


poverty vows come from past lives of poverty, poverty oaths (where being poor was more spiritual than being rich), being a beggar and paints our future with lack 


These vows hold us back, become generational and stop us from earning even when we work hard and well. The beggar mentality that comes with poverty vows makes us takers instead of receivers and ultimately, nobody likes to give to takers. Ergo, our money flow stops completely (You Can Leave Now!)


poverty mindsets don't just have to do with money, they have to do with an inability to give, do and share and come from a fear of there not being enough for ourselves (especially when we need it) or our loved ones


Diagnosing % of poverty vows and oaths.


Let it go, Let it go, Let it go 💯! in the fastest, quickest, swiftest way possible WITH Goddess Alchemy and The Decrees! 


It is not enough to do only one call on this program so we will do three! 


We will do a reading on the % of the poverty vows, the stuckness they are causing and then, hey presto, make them leave! 


Nov 27 - Full Moon Zodiac Special - How your Zodiac Gets you money

Nov 13 - New Moon call 1

Dec 12 - New Moon call 2

Jan 11 - New Moon call 3

6.30pm IST / 8am ET

Live calls on Instant Teleseminar

Call replays will be available for lifetime

WOW Bonus

11/11 Miraculous Money Manifestation Method call (11/11 MMMM)

Practice for 11 days on email and Telegram group together

✓ Know the 4 steps to actualise Money, including two much-overlooked steps that are crucial to how you will manifest
✓ Get your manifesting mojo PERFECT!!

✓ Continue your practice for 11 days on email and Telegram group together


Date: Nov 5

7.33pm IST / 9.03am ET

Live call on Zoom

Call replay will be available for lifetime

PKG A.png

PACKAGE B: You GET Money! Today!

(Includes Package A)

Package A

4 Group calls

11 Money Decrees

Telegram Support group


Certificate of Completion



1. Home Telegram group till December 31st, 2024

2. Bonus calls and Workshops till December 31st, 2024

3. Daily Decree emails till December 31st, 2024


4 Group Calls - You Get Money! Today!

All calls include understanding Money Wisdom like:

- Bad money drives out good money

- A fool and his money are soon parted

- Money is a terrible master

- Money does not grow on trees

- Never spend your money before you know how you will have it

- Penny wise and pound foolish

- He that cannot pay, must pray

- Lazy hands make poverty

- Invest not save 

- Money is time

- Energy is Money


Along with Money Wisdom, every call also has…

1. Introduction to the Decrees - how to use them well

2. Live demo(s) where we will hear the problem & come to the answer + solution on the call 

3. Wounded Mother lineage healing 

4. Clarity between what is important, urgent and priority. 

5. Money inflows with Goddess Decrees

6. Name dropping to transform your relationship with your mother within hours!

7. Fun wins! 

8. 30 Domino effects of money blocks and money flows

9. Call summary notes with The Decrees used

Call dates - Nov - 2, 10, 17, 24

6.30pm India / 9am ET (daylight savings time) / 8am EST

Live calls on Instant Teleseminar

Call replays will be available for lifetime

11 money Decrees (not including 11 days of reminders for 11/11 MMMM from 16th Nov - 25th Nov)


Telegram support group for practising Money Decrees till January 15th

E-Certificate of Completion


★ Bonuses

1 - Home Telegram group for daily Decree practice till Dec 31, 2024

2 - Bonus calls and workshops till Dec 31, 2024

3 - Daily emails - healing delivered to your Inbox till Dec 31, 2024

PKG B.png

Gurujee's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE C: You GET Money! Everyday!


Personal Revelations call (30 mins)

WOW Bonus


Personal Revelations call (30 mins)

Get an evaluation of your problem using the manifestation formula

This includes:

- % of poverty vows 

- % of Money Magnetism

- % of negativity in you and around you 

- Initiate the healing of these 

- Pro money tip just for you

- Manifestation formula applied to you

- Are you a Creator or Manifestor?

- Decree work and clearings 

- Pathway to move ahead, a personalised package for a month (your mission, should you choose to accept it!)


Schedule your Revelations call in Nidhu’s calendar as per your convenience

Lifetime validity to use the call

PKG C.png

Word Medicine (The Decrees) with OG, Nidhu B Kapoor

Words are the most powerful tool in the world. Words allow us to make sense of the world around us, plan our day and make our dreams a reality. They can create havoc or hope, despair or delight, punishment or praise, break… or make us! Words can make us feel better or worse and our words can make us poorer or richer! Words are medicine when used correctly and when used in this particular format, they are the World’s FASTEST QUICKEST SWIFTEST medicine! AKA The Decrees


Word Medicine is simply, saying words to heal, clear, attract and manifest. They are not affirmations and they are not switchwords, they are in a supersonic category of their own! You will sense the shifts immediately as you say these power packed words


Belinda’s 6X bank balance, Melissa to 2X her bank balance multiple times, Nidhu’s 3.5X bank balance OVERNIGHT; great shifts and results with -  Jenni’s diabetes, Priya’s acidity, Tina’s neuropathy, K’s cancer, Veena’s lower back pain, Deborah’s shoulder pain, Amish’s cold, Anjali’s neck hump, or — excess weight, the results have not just been astounding, they have also taken place in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort


Word Medicine works in moments and there’s nothing faster in the world! It is the language of light, the language of ascension, the language of the superconscious and best of all, you will be able to use them too once you know them!

Amazing Features & Benefits of Manifesting with Nidhu's Word Medicine (The Decrees)

★ Thrive with the world’s fastest money manifestation method!


★ Get Monies, Money messages, gifts, compliments, discounts, unexpected Monies, recover stuck Monies within hours of using the Word Medicine (The Decrees)


★ Move into a higher vibration anytime in 1 minute


★ Feel lighter, brighter and happier 

★ With all new Money Wisdom, manifest faster and bigger and better!


★ Get your manifesting mojo PERFECT!!

★ Apply the tremendous tools and techniques for richness in all areas of your life


★ Stay supported in Nidhu’s community and keep receiving from her limitlessly enriching calls throughout the year! (package B)

About Your Prosperity Expert, Nidhu B Kapoor


Owner & sharer of these supersonic Commands,

Nidhu B Kapoor is the world’s only practitioner doing 5 and 10 minute sessions, that’s how quickly Word Medicine works!


Just look at some of her phenomenal OG work - Double your Bank Balance in 7 days, Manifestation mastery in minutes, 3 kinds of Millionaire mindsets (including a quiz), Business Sunflower (a unique way to look at business growth), the 10-second workout, reduce diabetic signs in 11 days, The fastest pain-killers possible, One-minute cosmic massages for chakras and organs and lots, lots more.


Using ancient wisdom from The Gita, Vedanta, ayurveda, Chi Gong and moon cycles, she has worked with 1000s of people around the globe! Being the owner and sharer, Nidhu is also the Original Master of The Decree programs, challenges and certified courses.


Nidhu is a regular speaker and guest on the world’s most prestigious healing Telesummits like ‘From Heartache to Joy’ and ‘You Wealth Revolution’. Indian Bollywood superstar, Vidya Balan has gone on record to say Nidhu is the world’s best healer!

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