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Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya

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Akashic Records & Akashic Tarot for Wealth!

✔ Identify and release hidden deep origins of your issues


✔ Receive guidance with healing upto 2 months 


✔ Attract unexpected allies and sources of abundance


✔ Get the option to have your property’s Akashic records read!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

Click here for PDF with Akashic Guidance for
Financial Abundance (Oct 2023 - March 2024)

Highlights from the Call 

Click to watch the respective highlights:

27:54 - Accessing Akashic Records of a Property! Is it possible?

33:37 - Akashic Tarot Guidance! (Receive if you resonate)

40:12 - RECEIVE! Akashic Clearing to increase self-worth & net worth!

1:04:03 - Akashic Healing for Relationship, Doubled Business!

1:14:28 - Akashic Tarot to clear Money Matters (mini-demo sessions)

Call Replay


@ US$ 27 / Rs 1,900

• 71% OFF


@ US$ 33 / Rs 2,400

• 66% OFF

Khushaali's Limited-Period Special Offers

PACKAGE A: 30 minutes Personal Consultation - Akashic Tarot Reading with Remedies 

PLUS 2 months Remote Healing

30 minutes - Online one-on-one session with Khushaali

• Ask unlimited questions related to any of your financial concerns

• Personalised guidance and remedies as per your Records

• You can attend session on behalf of others WITH their permission

• Downloadable call recording available on request

• Schedule the session at your convenience from Khushaali's Calendar link


2 MONTHS Personal Remote Clearing + Healing

• Receive healing specific to your issues shared in the session

• ​Includes Forgiveness, Protection, Karmic Clearance Healing

• ​No call. Simply receive as Khushaali does distance healing

• ​Before and after healing, Khushaali will update you via WhatsApp



• 3 months WhatsApp support

• Accessing Akashic Records of a Property & Clearing Energies - 

Live group Zoom call on the Weekend of Wealth (WOW!)

- Live one-on-one demonstration: Accessing records of a premise 

- Write a new Akashic Record - Create strong financial foundation by changing your Money dynamics

- All receive healing to clear energies of their house!

DATE: 4th Nov 2023 at 11.33am India / 2.03am ET (approx. 1 hr)

Replay will be shared

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -


- 30 minutes - Akashic Tarot personal consult (reading, guidance, remedies)

- 2 months personal remote clearing + healing


Accessing the record of property/home/business premises -

- Additional reading to check if your space or structure are hampering you

- 1 property’s records will be accessed (in which you stay / work) 

- It is OK if the property is rented

Benefits of Accessing Records of Property by Khushaali

• Know if past owners’, events’ or historical background energies are blocking your life

• Energy reading - guage the positivity or negativity based on people involved

• Root of recurring problems of any type could be discovered (then healed)

• Clearing of negative energetic imprints can resolve issues and promote a 

conducive, harmonious environment

• Get insights about what you can do to raise the vibrations of the place

• Help during legal disputes - a reading can uncover unresolved issues that 

can lead to better understanding / resolution

• Relationships can improve

• As your property’s energy changes, your’s will too. 

• You’ll feel lighter, happier, more productive and attract better situations


48 Days of Akashic Records Clearing & Rewiring Subconscious Mind -

 WhatsApp task-based program

- Day wise tasks will be shared

- You can do it anytime in the day as per your convenience




• 3 months WhatsApp support

• Accessing Akashic Records of a Property & Clearing Energies - 

Live group Zoom call on the Weekend of Wealth (WOW!)


• 15-min follow-up session

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -


Increasing Abundance with Akashic Records & Akashic Tarot

Akashic Records are energetic records of our soul’s thoughts, actions, experiences from every lifetime the soul has lived. Therefore, accessing this sacred book can help us retrieve information and in turn heal past traumas, old wounds, habits, belief systems and even soul contracts.


Akashic Tarot, a deck of 62 cards, a tool for unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers - connects us with spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and many more spiritual beings to receive answers about our issues and how we can improve our wealth. 


The difference is that you can access the Akashic realm via meditation using the Akashic records, while you don’t need to meditate to access Akashic Tarot. 

In a session with Khushaali, she will access your Akashic records (with the help of meditation / with the help of Akashic Tarot) to investigate the hidden deep root causes of why you are not able to manifest the Money you’d like. She looks for a soul contract, curse, vow, multiple-lifetime blockages or ancestor blockages. All of these can be identified, released and healed allowing you to fully step into your maximum abundance and attract more Monies, opportunities, clients, sales and more!

Possible Gains from Akashic Records with Khushaali

★ Identify (and heal) root cause of your financial concerns such as stuck Monies, recurring losses, changing/losing jobs frequently, business not picking up & MORE!

★Identify (and heal) past lifetime’s vows, beliefs, traumas impacting this lifetime

★Know if any karmic pattern is the culprit of your issues

★ Dissolve unhelpful ancestral Money patterns you may have inherited

★ Clear blocks and implants restricting your growth and Money

★ Stop your self-sabotaging patterns (unknowingly done)

★Release unhealthy financial attachments and worries

★ Gain clarity to make better choices for career / Money 

★ Healing can enhance your financial intuition!

★ Become Wealth Positive

★ Gain more with less efforts

★ Enhance and speed up manifestation

★ Attract better opportunities

★Stay focused

★ Achieve your Money goals  

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

Amazing Success Stories!

• Meghna was able to clear her relationship with money and attract clients for her business 


• Kasyap was having a soul contract - “I am not worthy enough” which was blocking him from becoming financially abundant. After healing with Khushaali, his new attitude helped him grow his business!


• Sunil was having relationship conflicts with his father. Father told Sunil to not handle the family business but he was unable to handle himself. Sunil was not getting a job. Akashic healing has helped to resolve issues at both personal and professional level for Sunil and his father! 

• Dr Nikita She got clarity about her soul purpose and career path!

About Your Prosperity Expert, Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya


Khushaali Gaurrang Somaiya is a highly sought-after Akashic Records Trainer, Osho Zen Tarot Trainer, NLP & EFT coach, Switchwords facilitator, Ramal Vidya expert, Tarot card reader, Angel therapy healer and Bach Flower therapist


Khushaali learnt Akashic records at a time she was not a believer of the modality. Her first question when she joined the course was “Why have I chosen this modality to learn and what is my life purpose. Why am I constantly getting messages about my life?.” She felt like someone was trying to connect with her to provide guidance. She connected with her grandfather who turned out to be her guardian angel and since then, whatever decisions Khushaali has taken based on the guidance have proven to be the best decisions of her life. 


Being passionate about helping and teaching others, Khushaali continually upgrades herself, consults and constantly comes up with new ways to help people heal via the modalities they resonate with. Within a short period of 3 years since 2019, Khushaali has guided and helped heal more than 5,000 people.

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