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@ USD$ 82 / Rs 6,003

• 63% OFF

Brenda & Charu's Limited-Period Special Offers

Special Package: Route to a Billionaire (Crorepath!) - 1 Personal Session (30 mins)

- 30 mins one-on-one online consultation with Brenda & Charu to make your manifestations come true!!


Using their very own B&C Miracle, Brenda & Charu will work on - 

• BRINGING more gratitude into your life

• CLEARING the energies that prevent you from being a billionaire

• CREATING a vibration to be in a billionaire state!


- Session live on Zoom. Recording will be shared


- Based on your energies, B&C create a personalised roadmap for your clearing and healing


- You DON’T need to describe any past wound, event or experience! 



• 1 Lenormand Card Reading (1 question) on what's blocking your Money


• Live group meditation to be a billionaire - Zoom call on 19 Nov 2023


• Creation of Abundance Codes in 9 Days (Remote Clearing & Downloads)



For 9 days, Brenda & Charu, with their B&C Miracle Method -

• CLEAR - negative thought or belief from your subconscious

• TRANSMUTE - negative to positive thought or belief

• DOWNLOAD - Abundance codes into your neuropathways, blueprint and divine timeline



• Ancestral Money curse and blockages

• Poverty programs & poverty consciousness

• Lack of financial abundance and stability

• Lack of Joy of being with money

• Cap on income

• Blocks to receiving money

• Lack of money

• Stolen money and income

• Scarcity mind set


• Ancestral blessing of money

• Constant Universe Wealth Consciousness

• Financial abundance, security and stability

• Being the joy of money

• Orgasmic energy of money

• I receive money constantly with ease

• I am worthy of money

• Retrieving stolen money and income

• I am wealthy and abundant


- No calls or interactions, all updates via WhatsApp group


- Your presence at the time of clearing not required. 

You will receive healing energetically!


- Codes will be downloaded INDIVIDUALLY for every participant


- Everyday a PDF will be shared with the energy being worked on and cleared


- Also receive, meditation MP3 to build on the healing


- Dates: 14-22 Nov 2023 at 11pm India / 1.30pm ET

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -

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