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Brenda & Charu

Brenda & Charu

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

Take the Route to Billions!

✔ Powerful session personalised for you with healing and roadmap


Manifest with ease what you have been waiting for!


Clear, release, unblock and move towards your multiplied wealth!

✔ Superb Bonus - 9-day Creation of Abundance Codes! 

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Devi Money Summit 2023

1. Downloading Creation code of an outrageous financial reality 
2. Money affirmations

2-in-1 MP3 Gift from Brenda & Charu

Highlights from the Call 

Click to watch the respective highlights:

7:30 - It's not wrong to ask for more PLUS know reasons we get more or don’t get in life 

17:31 - The Route to Billions - Brenda & Charu share the crorepath!

22:51 - The Money Recipe - Your healthy shortcut to more!

32:40 - Energy reading for all on the call by Brenda & Charu. People resonated! See if you do too!!

1:20:44 - Mini-reading demos

1:15:29 - Do you have to change career path to be a billionaire with ease? No, see how from Brenda & Charu

Call Replay


@ USD$ 82 / Rs 6,003

• 63% OFF

Brenda & Charu's Limited-Period Special Offers

Special Package: Route to a Billionaire (Crorepath!) - 1 Personal Session (30 mins)

- 30 mins one-on-one online consultation with Brenda & Charu to make your manifestations come true!!


Using their very own B&C Miracle, Brenda & Charu will work on - 

• BRINGING more gratitude into your life

• CLEARING the energies that prevent you from being a billionaire

• CREATING a vibration to be in a billionaire state!


- Session live on Zoom. Recording will be shared


- Based on your energies, B&C create a personalised roadmap for your clearing and healing


- You DON’T need to describe any past wound, event or experience! 



• 1 Lenormand Card Reading (1 question) on what's blocking your Money


• Live group meditation to be a billionaire - Zoom call on 19 Nov 2023


• Creation of Abundance Codes in 9 Days (Remote Clearing & Downloads)



For 9 days, Brenda & Charu, with their B&C Miracle Method -

• CLEAR - negative thought or belief from your subconscious

• TRANSMUTE - negative to positive thought or belief

• DOWNLOAD - Abundance codes into your neuropathways, blueprint and divine timeline



• Ancestral Money curse and blockages

• Poverty programs & poverty consciousness

• Lack of financial abundance and stability

• Lack of Joy of being with money

• Cap on income

• Blocks to receiving money

• Lack of money

• Stolen money and income

• Scarcity mind set


• Ancestral blessing of money

• Constant Universe Wealth Consciousness

• Financial abundance, security and stability

• Being the joy of money

• Orgasmic energy of money

• I receive money constantly with ease

• I am worthy of money

• Retrieving stolen money and income

• I am wealthy and abundant


- No calls or interactions, all updates via WhatsApp group


- Your presence at the time of clearing not required. 

You will receive healing energetically!


- Codes will be downloaded INDIVIDUALLY for every participant


- Everyday a PDF will be shared with the energy being worked on and cleared


- Also receive, meditation MP3 to build on the healing


- Dates: 14-22 Nov 2023 at 11pm India / 1.30pm ET

If you are interested in buying this package, please email us at OR click and WhatsApp us here -


About B&C Miracle Method

B&C Miracle Method is a new age result-oriented healing technique channelled by Brenda and Charu. It is a technique that uses pendulum and a set of charts as a tool to tap into any person’s energy field to scan their energies and create healing for them. It’s a direct way of tapping into any person’s subconscious mind remotely to clear limiting energies and create positive changes in any area of your life. 


Brenda & Charu call their healing technique an energetic surgery. The entire process is non-invasive and is done remotely. People are known to experience quick shifts or results soon after the sessions. You feel lighter and motivated as things change quickly and obstacles clear away.


Right from chronic pains, cysts, thyroid issues, diabetes, depression, major health issues like kidney and liver issues and even skin ailments, stuck Monies or properties, manifesting property, increasing wealth and lots more!

Benefits of Route to a Billionaire (Crorepath) Personal Session with Brenda & Charu


★ Get set to make your manifestations come true!!

★ Bring more gratitude into your life

★ Your energies preventing you from being a billionaire will be cleared

★ Brenda & Charu will create a vibration for you to be in a billionaire state!

★ Get 9 days Bonus - Creation of Abundance Codes in 9 Days (Remote Clearing & Downloads)

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

Amazing Success Stories!

“We turned to B&C, when we faced the threat of our factory being seized due to my father's unpaid loan and ongoing litigation. Their efficient sessions led to an amicable resolution with the bank in just 30 days. B&C Miracle Makers worked wonders, turning a complex issue into a smooth solution.”

- IB


“As factory owners, we invest heavily in R&D, but competitors were poaching our skilled staff. Despite my husband's efforts, we couldn't find a solution. B&C's sessions not only stopped this but also helped us reclaim those who had left!” 

- KS 



“My husband's $400 million bank loan crisis during covid led to his police detention. After seeking family help without success, I turned to B&C. Their sessions paved the way for my husband's brother to pay off the loan and resolve the case, reuniting us within three weeks!” 




“I'm friends with B&C, and during dinner, I mentioned my urgent need for a stuck payment to keep my business running. They used their pendulum for a brief 3-minute healing, and the next morning, I received an SMS confirming the payment was credited!


About Your Prosperity Expert, Charu Mathur


A passionate healer and believer of miracles, Charu is formally trained in Spiritual Response Therapy, Matrix Energetics, Shamanism, Reiki, Theta Healing, Sujok, Akashic Records, Hypnotherapy, etc.


She believes in instant healing and in her quest to see results instantly through healing works, she ended up inventing the unique healing modality – the B&C Miracle Method© (internationally copyrighted) with her friend Brenda.


Charu’s approach to healing is very scientific and she is researching on healing cancer of any stage. Her biggest breakthrough has been on working with stage 4 cancer where the doctors had given the patient six months. Charu created a miracle in the patient’s life where they are today living a normal life.


Charu enjoys teaching and her mission in life is to create more and more healers in the world. She feels she is divinely guided and keeps getting amazing ideas that lead her to create miracles. Therefore, her technique is called the B&C Miracle Method.

About Your Prosperity Expert, Brenda Margaret Ganwani


Brenda's passion is following the mysteries and secrets of energy and healing! Her journey into the cosmos of esoteric science and healing is now over 30 years old. 


Brenda has studied spiritual response therapy, Matrix energetics, Shamanism, Pranic healing, Kinesiology, Reiki, life alignment, and many more techniques.


In this journey of learning and seeking,  Brenda met Charu and they both founded their own healing technique - the B&C (Bring the Change) Miracle Method© which they practise and teach worldwide.

Brenda’s forte is tapping into one’s energy field, and  intuitively knowing what is at imbalance and changing the molecular structures to create change and healing.

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