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Lalita Maa Money Unlimited

✓ Personalised 3-step Process with Lalita Maa Energies
✓ For Wealth, Money & Any Resource You Need for a Fulfilling Life
✓ Announcing New batch: Third Eye Ascension Course
✓ Course updated with Lalita Maa Chapter!

Fantastic Friday Money Masterclass

Success Stories

• A lady was back on her feet in 15 minutes of Maa Lalita Healings after being on bedrest and in pain for 6 days!!

• A job-seeker got a job offer letter after being jobless for 3.5 years within days after Lalita Maa healings with Deepakk

• Alok experienced release of some anxiousness during the Call itself! (More live experiences below)

Highlights from the Call

• Improve any situation by just 2 simple acts! 
1) Value the energies available to you 
2) Practice the act of Gratitude!

• Unless you feel happy and centred with what you have right now, you can’t reach where you wish to! 

• I am the creator and I am nothing - Being the Creator is the act of acknowledging and accepting responsibility for whatever is happening in your life and taking action whilst Nothingness is Surrendering to the Outcome.

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Lalita Maa 3-Process Personal Session (1 hr)


• Become 5D Ready MP3

★ Connect to your higher self

@ INR 4,500 / USD 60 • 47% OFF



Package A PLUS

3 Live Healing Group Sessions

(45 mins each)


• Become 5D Ready MP3

★ Connect to your higher self

@ INR 5,151 / US$ 69 • 64% OFF



Third Eye Ascension Course (11 hrs)


• PACKAGE B (which includes Package A!)

• 4 Practice Sessions

• 9 months WhatsApp group support

• Become 5D Ready MP3 - Connect to your higher self

@ INR 17,999 / US$ 239 • 60% OFF



Oftentimes, lack of faith and confidence in our own ability to create more monies becomes the speedbreaker to our money goals. But knowing the problem isn't enough as our Money blocks are subjective to our past lives, traumas, fears, mental blocks, anger, soul contracts, etc. Thus, until we clear these rooted energies and replace them with the right thoughts, we can't achieve our money goals. Downloaded by Deepakk himself along with his guiding masters, this is a unique one-of-its-kind technique which will help you clear your own boundaries for You are born limitless!


How does this technique work?


The body being responsible for every outcome, every action or inaction owing to negative attachments needs to be healed. With the guiding light of Lalita Maa's healing energies, this is a one-of-its-kind method downloaded by Deepakk 7 years ago and recently updated too. It guides you to clear your chakras, the prana pathways of the body, past lives with the Earth Star Chakra and finally clearing the negative associations with these; leaving you cleansed completely. 

A session will help you align yourself with your chakras, the 3 main nadis and the Earth Star Chakra which will guide you to be aware of your future actions.

This process will also help you clear any negative attachments with your place of living. Finally, bringing you to awareness of your Karmic Path and Soul Awareness with the Earth Star Chakra.

Safe for people from across all walks of life. 

Benefits of Lalita Maa Money Unlimited 

★ Clear your Apartment/Bungalow from negative attachments 


Gain more peace, tranquility and faith in yourself 


Become aware of your soul and Karmic Path with the guidance of Earth Star Chakra 


Get in touch with your higher self 


Manifest money at your command


Experience 3 processes, Clearings,


Live in Money Miracles

About Your Healer-Instructor, Deepakk Raisinghani

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Deepakk Raisinghani is a gifted psychic, trauma healer, inner child healing specialist, chakra healer and spirit and entity clearing expert. In fact, Deepakk has developed his own three powerful modalities - Third eye ascension course, Akasa Abhilekhyam and Antaha Santati Ropana (trauma busting inner child healing).


Deepakk was a successful Regional Director in an MNC and landed into Mystic Arts as guided by his masters. He’s had a roller coaster life in which he learned his lessons going in and out of addictions, imbalances, anxiety, bouts of depression and total blankness on his goals. He realised the importance of loving oneself and having faith in themselves which has set the tone of his life. Deepakk’s passion is to help people heal and achieve abundance.


Deepakk has helped people with health issues, depression, dark energies/entity, block clearing, relationship healing and many more. He has helped heal and taught over 4,000 people across the last 11 years. He is known to be a highly intuitive practitioner who goes the extra mile for his clients.

Deepakk's Offers for 24 Hours Only!

PACKAGE A: Lalita Maa 3-Process Personal Session (1 hr)

Powerful 1-hour session with 3 processes -

For Wealth, Money or Any Resources you desire for a fulfilling life

✔ Healing with Lalita Maa energies

✔ Comprehensive personalised 3-step process for your complete unblocking!

✔ Session on Zoom. Call recording can be shared on request



• Become 5D Ready MP3 - Connect to your higher self


Process 1 -

★ SYNCING - Stellar gateway, Soul star, 7 chakras, 3 Nadis and Earth star chakra

Process 2 -

CUTTING CORDS & NEGATIVE ATTACHMENTS from your family members, home or soil including Vastu defects

Process 3 -

★ CLEANSING energies from the chakras, Nadis and Earth star to sync with your karmic board members. Includes GROUNDING of energies too

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PACKAGE B: Package A PLUS 3 Live Healing Group Sessions (45 mins each)


3 Live Healing Group Sessions (45 mins each)

★ Dynamic sessions - Specific healing for specific concerns

★ Pick any concern of your choice, healing will be done for that

★ Every single participant benefits from each other’s issue’s healing

★ Healing process includes working on Pitru paksha, Pitru dosha, Vastu defects, any physical health issue, trauma, fears or even relationships!

✔ Live Zoom Calls on 9, 12 & 13 Nov 2022 at 7.30pm India / 9am ET

✔ Downloadable recording will be shared for a week


• Become 5D Ready MP3 - Connect to your higher self

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