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Learn the Fastest
Healing Method in the World


So easy! Anybody can learn this

U̶S̶$̶ 7̶7̶3̶ US$ 44.99

Get 100% Refund

In the form of a healing package of your choice if not satisfied with the training*

*see Frequently asked questions below

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Sale ends in:




















It is just 4 WORDS!

Yes, you read that right

TRY RIGHTAWAY and feel the shifts…
The 4 words are - ‘You Can Leave Now!’

For example,
pain, You Can Leave Now! 
fear, You Can Leave Now! 
anxiety, you can leave now!
headache, you can leave now!
delays, you can leave now!
blockages, you can leave now!
problems with my boss, You Can Leave Now!
Financial insecurity, you can leave now!
Back pain, you can leave now!

Now let’s try this with stress.

(You can try this with anything bothering you right now) 
Step 1 - On a scale of 0 to 10, rate your stress level where 0 is not at all and 10 is high

Step 2 - Drink some water (sip it, don’t gulp)

Step 3 - Say the sentence - stress, You Can Leave Now (say it 5 times)

Step 4 - Have a sip of water

Step 6 - Check your stress level again. Has it changed?

Step 7 - Since you are doing this for the first time, repeat steps 1 to 6

You can use this for anything! 
The formula is simply saying -

<your problem / whatever is bothering you>, You Can Leave Now! 

That’s It! Congratulations! 
You’ve just learnt the fastest healing tool in the world - Word Medicine - The Decree (You Can Leave Now is the Decree)

They are special cosmically charged words whose effects are immediate and instantaneous No meds, no products, no lifestyle changes! No prior knowledge or experience in any healing technique required!

You now have a potent, powerful tool with you that can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone!!


Would you like to learn how to use for specific aspects of your life like

✓ Chronic pain, illness or dis-ease
✓ Weight-releated concerns
✓ Falling ill frequently
✓ Dealing with any common concerns like acidity, bloating, headache, cold and so on
✓ Feeling low on energy or get tired easily

✓ Constant financial stress and worry about the future
✓ Debts
✓ Stuck businesses; to increase clients and sales
✓ To receive job promotion and appreciation
✓ Attracting newer, unexpected opportunities

✓ Healing or releasing toxic relationships
✓ Peaceful relationships with domestic helpers, landlord and neighbours 
✓ Stopping frequent fights and misunderstandings
✓ Dissolve barriers, restore harmony in relationships

✓ Get insights on your old traumas and heal
✓ Relieve hurts from painful memories
✓ Reduce anxiety, resentment, helplessness, negativity and calm the inner critic
✓ Get healthier mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
✓ Feel lighter, brighter, happier

✓ Help your child deal with any concern
✓ Help your pets and plants heal
✓ Unlock regular unexpected gifts, Monies, compliments, discounts and Money messages!


Learn ALL THIS & MORE in Nidhu’s Word Medicine Course


✓ ONE MORE Powerful Word Medicine to work with multiple problems at the same time!


✓ The 6 laws of energy

✓ Life-changing concept to healing - the feedback loop

✓ How to work on pain

✓ How to work with Big labels (big issues with many aspects. For e.g. diabetes, weight, etc.)

✓ Combining multiple Word Medicines for super-charged effect!! 

✓ Creating Healing Water in just 2 minutes!!


Get these POWER-PACKED Inclusions

1 pre-recorded training call worth US$ 99

• 2 hrs audio recording

• Learn with past learners as they experience shifts DURING THE CALL!

• Includes 20+ examples you can start using IMMEDIATELY!

2-hour Live Zoom class worth US$ 200

• With Nidhu B Kapoor on 30 Sept, 9am ET. Replay will be shared
• New learnings, Word Medicine, Q&A & life-changing insights
• Know how to build on and further your Word Medicine practice

PDF manual worth US$ 25

• 30 pages detailed explanation with ample examples and success cases
• 12+ summary posters included for quick reference

7 days daily practice Word Medicine (Decrees) worth US$ 25

• Get on email 7 Word Medicines you can start using and applying to daily life
• Follow for overall well-being and continual healing
• Be prepared for daily shifts, insights and aha moments!
• Includes instructions on how to use


• Get an e-certificate confirming you can practice Word Medicine (aka Decrees) on yourself and your loved ones

That's Not All!


Telegram Group for Q&A, support worth US$ 100

• Get direct access to Nidhu
• Receive answers, new learnings as you ask your doubts
• All important updates, support will be here

Potent Prosperity call replay worth US$ 99

• Audio call recording
• Powerful content for MORE MONIES, Unblocking Abundance and more!
• Learn how to attract and BE prosperity!

Live Zoom Call (& replay): 1-SECOND Alchemy worth US$ 100

• On 23 Sept, 9am ET. Replay will be shared
• All about Nidhu’s exclusive 1-SECOND, yes 1-SECOND healing tool!
• It’s just 1 second to learn, 1 second to remember, 1 second to start using it!
• Apply it on yourself for any aspect of your life

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Available for Limited Time Only!

7-day Release Weight Challenge

worth US$ 50

• Get on email 7 Word Medicines you can start using and applying to your weight issues
• It’s known to immediately make the user feel lighter, brighter and happier
• Includes instructions on how to use

7-day Double Your Bank Balance Challenge worth US$ 75

• Get on email 7 Word Medicines you can start using and applying to your financial situation
• Understanding and applying can make you an abundance magnet
• Past users have reported overnight doubling of bank balance, receiving unexpected gifts, bonuses, stuck monies of years, and amazing messages of Monies!
• Please note, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a tried-and-tested method to unlock and attract abundance
• Includes instructions on how to use



The Word Medicine Healing Online Certification Course


U̶S̶$̶ 7̶7̶3̶ 

US$ 44.99

Heal & learn with confidence!

100% Refund

If not satisfied (details below)

People's Amazing Results!

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

You Can Heal ALL of These...

• Chronic illness / fall ill often

• Financial struggles

• Many years of hurt or trauma

• Low self-esteem, self-doubt

• Get distracted / tired easily

• Each day is filled with obstacles

• Not seeing results for the efforts you put

• Generally feeling disconnected / stuck


See How Your Life Can Change After Learning...

• Before - Financial stress; Monies stuck
✓ After - Heal Money struggles - unblock and attract more Monies

• Before - Recurring or long-standing health issues and stress
✓ After - Relief from physical pain/illness within MINUTES!

• Before - Conflicts, lack of love in relationships
✓ After - Increased harmony, love and joy in your relationships 

• Before - Deep wounds of childhood trauma affecting the present
✓ After - Heal years of trauma and feel lighter and happier

• Before - Not getting what you want despite trying a lot
Attract and manifest what you want - with ease; achieve goals faster

• Before - Not feeling good enough
✓ After - Get higher self-esteem, self-love, feel brighter and stronger

• Before - Spending a lot of money in self-help, healing or treatments
✓ After - Become a Healer, the fastest way in the world! Heal self, help others heal including plants and pets

People's Amazing Results!

40 pounds gone

during perimenopause!

neurofibroma pain released


cold and headache disappeared IN NO TIME!

Book risk-free!

If not satisfied, Get 100% Refund

In the form of a healing package of your choice! 




Word Medicine Healing

Online Certification Course

U̶S̶$̶ 7̶7̶3̶ 

US$ 44.99

Choose from our trusted panel of healing experts who have worked with 1,000s of people across the world!


Upma Shrivastava.jpeg

Multiple award-winning
Indian Astrol
Upma Shrivastava

45 minutes Online Personal Consultation

Astro-Readings, Remedies & Guidance

Ask unlimited questions for any area of your life!

✓ Based on your birth chart and life situations

One of the 10,000+ Successes

V was unemployed for 2 years.

Manifested a great job within days of following Upma's remedies!

To avail your refund as a healing package of your choice,

all you have to do is -

Send an email to us at by 23rd September 2023 11.59pm ET with your choice of healing page. We will send you the coupon code to avail any of the above packages. You get it AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Choose Now from 2 Attractive Options!

✓ 1 pre-recorded training call (2 hrs audio) 

✓ 2-hour Live Zoom class with Nidhu (plus replay)

✓ PDF manual


✓ 7 days daily practice Decrees


✓ E-certification


Includes Bonuses

✓ 1 pre-recorded training call (2 hrs audio) 

✓ 2-hour Live Zoom class with Nidhu (plus replay)

✓ PDF manual

✓ 7 days daily practice Decrees

✓ E-certification 

Bonus: Telegram Group for Q&A, support

Bonus: Potent Prosperity call recording

Bonus: Live Zoom Call (& replay): 1-minute Alchemy 

Limited Time Bonus: 7-day Release weight Challenge

Limited Time Bonus: 7-day Double Your Bank Balance Challenge


Without Bonuses

US$ 44.99

US$ 39.99

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

"Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here. Put a cool testimonial here."

- Riya

People's Amazing Results!


It’s time to solve your problems quickly,

with ease and happiness!


Learn from the Original Master, Nidhu B Kapoor


Meet Your Trainer, Nidhu B Kapoor
Original Master, Creator & Sharer of The Decrees (Word Medicine)

Copy of NBK - Pay as you like landing page_edited.jpg

Words can create, heal, cure, prevent, destroy, and uplift! They are our own magic wands and when you know how to use them in a certain way, they even have the potential to become MEDICINE! 


These words are Supersonic Commands, revolutionising the healing landscape as they take just 10 seconds to say and have immediate, instantaneous results! With Word Medicine aka The Decrees, Nidhu is the only practitioner in the world doing 5 mins and 10 mins Speedster one-on-one personal sessions!


There are 75 Word Medicines currently available and they address physical, mental, emotional (relationships with self and others), financial, sexual, animal electronic, and digital problems with equal ease. Moreover, Nidhu holds the distinguished title of the world's only retrograde practitioner, further showcasing her unique and diverse expertise. From heartache to gout to cats to dogs to geysers to shyness to weight release to diabetes to passports to phobias to phones and computers, Word Medicine can be applied to anyone, anything, anytime, anywhere! 


Drawing inspiration from timeless wisdom such as The Gita, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Chi Gong, moon cycles and planetary insights, Nidhu B Kapoor has touched the lives of thousands around the globe. Amongst many of her admirers also stands Bollywood superstar Vidya Balan, who swears by Nidhu's Word Medicine and is one of her many VIP clients. 

Disclaimer: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions here.

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Relief from



Manifest faster,

with ease!

Use in any

area of life!

Heal self, others +

pets & plants

✓ 1 pre-recorded audio class

✓ 1 Live Zoom call

PDF Manual

Bonuses worth US$ 299

+ Certification

Group Support

& Practice

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