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Never feel lost again


Identify the dominant Goddess energy in you


Receive divine guidance on problems


Learn how to channel Goddess energies for balance

Rs 5,999 / US$ 99

Programme starts from June 7 on Whatsapp & Zoom

What you’ll gain from this workshop

   An intense awareness of your own Goddess energies

   Ability to effectively remove your long held limitations

   A practical and do-able process to help you set boundaries

   Improved responses to situations in life

   No more guilt around negative behaviour patterns

   Proven tools that help you be more compassionate even at the worst of times

You Get

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25+ Videos

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Live call

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Call recording

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Support on WhatsApp

You’ll also know

Deep understanding of more than 10 Goddesses across different cultures

Techniques and meditations

How to receive guidance from Goddess

How to see your life from their point of view

Rs 5,999 / US$ 99

This workshop is for YOU if

   If you feel you undervalue yourself

   If you’re dealing with grief

   If you’ve not been feeling confident

   If you’re not feeling loved

   If you find that all your time and energy goes into taking care of other people

   If you procrastinate

   If you see repetitive patterns in life

   If you’re feeling lost

   If you feel uncertain and anxious about the future

   If you’re struggling with workplace relationships

About Your Healer Coach, Siddhii Shaah

Siddhii Shaah is a highly intuitive healer who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. She has been doing spiritual healing since a very young age and her natural connection with Dragons and Angels stands out the most in her interesting journey.

Siddhii has received divine help from the Dragons during the difficult phases of her life! She immediately felt shifts and her life gradually changed for the better. Siddhii has since experienced a lot of magic thanks to her work with the Dragons and Angels. She has been on a mission to share this Dragon magic with as many people as she can.

Siddhii has merged her own experiences, learnings and teachings from her friends to put together this in-depth Celestial Dragons and Dragon Reiki workshop.

One of Siddhii’s strongest points is to deliver simple, effective and result-oriented solutions. She is known to walk the extra mile to help her students get the best of what she has to offer.


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