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Upma Shrivastava

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Saade-saati & Saturn Remedies for Health

✔ Personal consultation for unlimited questions (in chosen duration)

✔ Receive personalised guidance and remedies

✔ Includes detailed PDF report & follow-up session

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
HEALthier BE! Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - What is Saade-Saati (Saturn’s phase)? Do we need to fear it? Know from Upma-ji 

Click Here - Saturn influences in our life and what to watch out for

Click Here - Astro mini-sessions with Upma-ji

Click Here - Never wear red & black together. Here’s why! 

Click Here - Health issue taken care of thanks to Upma Shrivastava’s Astro-remedies

Click Here - Do this ONE thing to ease Saturn’s effects in your life

Click Here - STOP attracting people who cheat. Do this!

Click Here - Total transformation in all aspects of life - Astro-remedies by award-winning astrologer, Upma-ji


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About Saade-Saati & Saturn in Astrology

9 planets and 12 zodiacs, these govern different parts of our lives & body! The planet Saturn and 6th house in our birth chart indicate disease and their connection with houses and signs in our birth chart show the body parts to which diseases are related to. With remedies to pacify the negative effects of these planets, we can heal that body part.

There are a lot of fears around Saturn, the planet of Karma and its phase of Saade-Saati and the challenges faced by people during this time period. The transformations at this time are not easy as Saturn helps to break patterns, puts us in a zone which is out of our comfort to help us learn and change patterns which finally give us good health!

Benefits of Personal Consultation with Upma-ji

• Receive Upma-ji's tried-and-tested remedies to suit your goals and situation

• Includes birth chart reading & analysis as per your questions

• Ask unlimited questions in the chosen duration

• Receive personalised remedies and guidance as per your life chart and situation

• Reading possible even if you don’t know birth details!​• Includes detailed personalised PDF report

• Includes Bonus follow-up session to track progress / enhance course, if necessary

Includes Focus on Easing Saturn Phases of Life

• Detailed look at Saturn’s portfolio in your birth chart​

• Know if Saturn is auspicious or inauspicious for you

​• Health issues - indicated by imbalance of Saturn

• Personalised remedies and guidance

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Upma Shrivastava


Upma Shrivastava is a multiple-award-winning Astrologer for the past 20 years and has worked with over 10,000 people. She has been bestowed with the illustrious ‘Jyotish Shastracharya’, ‘Jyotish Rishi’ awards for excellence in astrology along with the prestigious ‘Vaastu Ratna’ award. She is also an expert in modalities related to astrology – Numerology, Vastu and Reiki.

Upma-Ji herself began learning astrology during her phase of Saade Saati, when people started to create fears and misunderstandings around it, to understand Saturn and how it affects us as a Karmic planet.

Coming from a traditional family where girls were meant to be housewives, Upma-ji too had experienced differences in her relationship. With astrology to her rescue, her perception changed & she got a bigger picture of life.

She recognises that people turn to astrology when they are either facing a difficult situation or must make a critical decision in their life. So, Upma-ji goes to the depths of her astrological skills to understand the individual, their dreams, desires, shortcomings, potential and their unique individual personality, with the aim of giving them the best possible guidance and solutions.

Upma-ji’s articles on the subject have been published in The Economic Times and other media.

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