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Neetu Agarwal

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Automatic Writing Reading,
Remedies & Guidance

✔ Receive guidance from divine beings, spirit guides, etc.

✔ Resolve issues, know next steps, change your life!

The Mystic Lotus AWESOME!
Choose Love Summit 2023

Highlights from the Call

Click Here - Automatic Writing - its meaning and importance as shared by Neetu

Click Here - Automatic Writing channelled guidance for chosen intention by Neetu

Click Here - Automatic Writing gives unique, specific guidance to people, as seen with Neetu


CLICK HERE to watch Call Replay 2

About Automatic Writing

A psychic ability where the practitioner produces written words without consciously writing, Automatic Writing helps us connect with deceased souls, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides to receive guidance. It’s called automatic writing because the hand moves automatically without conscious effort.

By connecting & calling upon whom we wish to receive guidance or messages from, we can get guidance for any area of our life, including for any love or relationship issue.

Benefits of Automatic Writing

★ Communication & reconnecting with crossed over loved ones

★ Receive guidance from higher beings to heal

★ Connect with your higher self and discover your soul plan & soul purpose

★ Heal, bring in peace and elevate your vibrations to a higher level

Call Schedule Poster - Devi Money Summit MTS 2023_edited.jpg

About Neetu Agarwal


Neetu Aggarwal is a cancer survivor, energy reader and healer, meditation instructor, motivational speaker, full time spiritual teacher and founder of ‘Enlightening Souls’!

With various modalities like Automatic writing, Akashic records, Theta Healing, Tarot, Inner child healing and more, she uses a powerful yet gentle approach based on her intuition and understanding of spiritual teachings.

According to Neetu, her clients and students have given her immense growth and opportunity to deal with energy blockages, karmic baggage, future manifestations, dangerous negative energies, life-threatening health hazards, etc. She has helped many and continues to help people with living successfully with financial abundance and healing health, relationship and financial blocks. 

Neetu was also able to heal herself of cancer, without surgery or chemotherapy and in the words of her doctor, she is a walking, living miracle! With a mission to empower and teach people the power of healing, and a passion to touch as many lives as she can, she is changing lives with her work!

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