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In just 2 hours,

Increase Your Money Frequencies &

Learn the Secrets to DOUBLE YOUR WEALTH!! 

Stop living a life from paycheck to paycheck

Money Manifestation Workshop

Tune into your Money Frequency and

learn the one most powerful secret which you can master and start attracting an overflow of Money

from expected and unexpected sources 

Date: 2 Dec 2023, Saturday
Time: 12.30am - 2.30am ET / 11am - 1pm India time
(Class recording will be shared)

Abhirami has trained over 700+ students in 6 Years

Rs. 6,190/ USD$ 85

That's 97% Savings!

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Who Should Join this LIVE Workshop?

One who is struggling with money anxiety.jpg

One who is struggling with money anxiety

One who has failed with manifestation earlier.jpg

One who has failed with manifestation earlier

One who is in constant lack of money

One who is in constant lack of money_edi
One who feels unhappy, unfulfilled in ar

One who feels unhappy, unfulfilled in areas of money, health or relations

That's 97% Savings!

Reserve your seat NOW to avail bonuses worth Rs 3,690 / US$ 51

Cost of not taking action right NOW

Imbalanced chakras.jpg
Balanced chakras.jpg

Magical Manifestation Experiences!


Sailesh V.


Manifested her
Dream job as a lecturer after 20 yrs. 


Saritha I.

Marketing Head

Manifested multiple
job offers and constant money flow


Neeta B.

Home Maker

Manifested wealth after a delay of almost 26 yrs.

That's 97% Savings!

What will you learn in this Workshop?

Step 1

✓ Letting go of limiting old beliefs

✓ 5 mistakes people make in their manifestation journey

✓ How to release the long-term hurdles

✓ Identifying your Energy blocks


Step 2


Aligning mind-body with Cosmos

5 major reasons for unfulfilled life

How mediocrity gets manifested in your life

Tapping into the positive energy to maintain the positive

Step 3


Install the success programs 
into your subconscious

How to shift from Mediocrity to Abundance?

✓ 3 phases of manifestion

3 mins Energy boosting Technique

Rs. 6,190/ USD 199

97% OFF!

Meet Your Coach - Abhirami

Wellness Coach, Founder of PRANA Abundance Family


Pranam, I am Abhirami,

My vision to create an Abundant life for people has motivated me to design Manifestation Programs using the LOA tools and Pranik Healing techniques which helps one to clean their blocks and create an abundant life.

I am a certified Yoga Shiromani (Sivananda Centre, India) and Energy Healer (Donna Eden Academy, USA).

In the last 6 years, I have supported more than 700+ people to move from a hopeless to a confident and positive state, by using my unique formula which integrates Law of Attraction and Pranik Healing.

Most people believe the hard way but with my easy to use module, I help them break their abundance blocks and introduce them to the easiest and the most effective way of healing their body & mind, eventually having a fulfilled happy life experience.

Bonuses worth Rs 3,690 / US$ 51 absolutely FREE !!


Bonus 1

Money Affirmations

Bonus 2

Money Creation Meditation

Bonus 3

Lifetime Membership

That's 97% Savings!

Got More Questions? We've Got You Covered

  • How do I avail my course after I’ve booked it?
    You will receive your first confirmation email from The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies after successfully completing the transaction. In the ‘Order Summary’ section of that email, you will see a PDF (to download) with the details of the course and bonuses. You will also receive an email from Team Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies’ Amrish Arjun with the very same information. Join the group from the link shared in the email and you’ll be all set for the class!
  • I was not completely satisfied with the class? What can you do about this?
    In a rare case you are not satisfied with the course, you are eligible for the 100% refund guarantee within 7 days (by Aug 14, 2023 11.59pm ET) of letting us know about it. Full details below.
  • What is the 100% refund guarantee?
    As per this program, if you are not happy with the certified basic Light Key Frequencies class, you can claim 100% of your paid amount back until August 14, 2023. You will get your entire amount back in the form of Mystic Lotus credit, that you can use to purchase service(s) or product(s) across our e-shop Please note the terms of this offer - • The 100% refund in the form of credit offer is valid only upto 14 August 2023 11.59ET. You won’t be eligible to claim your money back as credit refund after this date. • This offer won’t be valid for you after you have claimed any of the bonuses • You can use your Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies credit amount on our site within 1 year • You will not get any of the bonuses of the package if you claim your refund • In case of disputes, if any, the decisions of The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies will be final in binding
  • How do I claim my 100% refund?
    1. In order to claim a refund, please send an email to mentioning the following - 1. Your name 2. Order number 3. Phone number with country code 4. Reason for the refund 2. The email should be sent to us within 7 days of class date, i.e. by August 14. 2023 11.59pm ET. Emails sent after this time won't be considered for the credit refund 3. You should not have availed of any of the bonuses available with the package while asking for the refund 4. Refund will be provided in the form of a credit which can be availed on a choice of services and products offered by The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies. We will send you an email with the same 5. When you are ready to avail your credit amount (should be within 1 year from date of purchase), email us at with what you wish to purchase from our site We will process your request and send you the details, including remaining credit balance (if at all) 6. Should you wish to buy an item of a higher value as compared to the credit provided to you, the excess amount can be paid by you 7. If you purchase a package of lower value as compared to the credit available with you, you will be provided credit for the excess amount 8. Refund can be claimed only against the original purchase transaction paid for by you. Refund will not be available for the transaction that has been paid for in part or whole using the credit given to you 9. Refund can be given only once per customer 10. In case of disputes, if any, the decisions of The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies will be final in binding
  • I have more questions. Where can I reach out?
    Email: Telegram: @TheMysticLotus WhatsApp: Click the link to instantly connect with us: Click the link to message us on Facebook:

That's 97% Savings!

Your Life! Your Choice!

Click below to create Money Miracles

Money Manifestation  Workshop @ just Rs.199/-

STARTS Saturday 11:00 am

That's 97% Savings!

After registering you will be automated to a WhatsApp group, if not you will receive email within 24 hrs.

DISCLAIMER: *Please note - This is not a get rich quickly Money scheme or event. This is an online event to work towards aligning your vibrations to the Money and prosperity you wish to manifest. If and when asking your questions during the event, please know that the class is being recorded. Any request to delete or hide any part(s) of the call won’t be considered. If you choose to share your testimonial for this program, we reserve the right to use it for promoting the program.

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