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Unique, fun 3.5 hr Zoom call on 25 July 2021
4pm IST / 6.30am EST

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Clear all nasties, superboost efficiency

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Learn secret of successful people

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TIPS for presentations, breaking beliefs, allergies!


Attract beyond Law of Attraction


What you’ll gain from this workshop

✔ Learn Self Hypnosis - the ultimate technique to unleash your brain's full potential
✔ BRAIN BOOSTED - be amazed with how much more you can do with more efficiency and ease
✔ Learn the technique to be in charge of your thoughts and day
✔ Have your day, feelings and performances EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT!

✔ Learn how to be unfazed in tough situations 
✔ Ease anxiety, no more insomnia
✔ Reduce pains​

Be able to access a meditative state within 3 minutes and with more ease.
Learn to use this technique to

✔ Increase intuition
✔ Manifest more easily
✔ Improve your health
✔ Reduce stress levels 
✔ Achieve professional goals with more ease

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This workshop is for YOU if

 You'd like to be more productive, that too with ease!
 You'd like to be an efficient family person and employee
 You want to be in complete control of your mood and day
 You’d like an effortless technique to reduce stress
 You want to fix your frequent health glitches
 You'd like to fall asleep faster and sleep better
 You'd like to increase intuition effortlessly
 You’d like to manifest more efficiently!

These Mysteries Decoded!

• Why some people get unwell during holidays and/or after retirement
• Why students blank out during exams
• Science of how habits are formed
• Why do we feel fresh after power naps?
• Are power naps good? 
• How are allergies developed? 
• Why are there many ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) cases?
• How are some people intuitive/clairvoyant?
• Why do we manifest things we don’t want -- like unhealthy patterns in life
• Understand life beyond Law of Attraction
• A secret technique successful people use

About Your Healer Coach, Abhay Thakkar

Abhay Thakkar, is the only NLP practitioner and instructor in India to offer (Classic Code NLP) as well as New Code NLP which are internationally recognized and certified by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Caroll, its co founders and co developers. 
Abhay Thakkar, has conducted multiple workshops over the years for Corporates such as Varmora, Educational Institutes such as SNDT college, DY Patil college - Dental department, NGO's such as Khulla Asmaan, Mumbai Police and he has been working on a regular basis for over 5 years at 2 leading rehabilitation centres in India- Sunshine Wellness Rehab Centre and Dr Goel Hospital
He has applied NLP and other forms of change work to assist people from all walks of life to overcome physical, mental, emotional and psychological issues and grow and develop personally and professionally. 
His knowledge of Hypnotherapy, EFT, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Regression therapy ,Chakra diagnosis and healing, Aura Photography, Family Constellation and Graphology help him offer a dynamic learning experience to his students. 

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