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Live Zoom Calls on 17 & 18 July 2021
7 pm to 8 pm IST

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Heal 15+ Areas of Life

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Different ways to include colours

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Colours & Food

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Super-easy to implement

People's Amazing Experiences

Amazing! Changing my wall from blue to yellow has brought a difference in my mood!
- Chaya

Unbelievably simple & effective. I start my day looking at the manual!
- Sanjana

Adding colours as taught by Aashe to my work desk has decreased my work stress!
- Monika

What you’ll gain from this workshop

   Stress and anxiety levels reduced immediately!

   Learn different ways to include colours in healing

   Includes list of food items as per colour and issue

   With consistent practice, feel positive shifts in your mood

   See how colours can impact your physical, mental and emotional health

   Change the energies of your living space based on your healing journey

You Get

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Call Recordings

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PDF Notes

Why Attend This Workshop

  Have fun in your healing journey with colours

  Add an impetus to your self-growth journey


  It is super-easily doable, simple and effective

People's Amazing Experiences

Aashe not only taught what colour food to eat but also suggested what all to eat!
- Sudhanshu

This is fun and helpful too! There is a colour to help me in any situation!
- Akshay

Now I know why I always get attracted to green!
- Ujwala


Course Duration: 2 days

Dates: 17 & 18 July 2021

Time: 7 to 8 pm IST


Live Class on Zoom


Notes in PDF included

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Recording access will be provided for 5 days


Different Colours and its properties


Colours to Heal:
    Health issues
    Sexual issues
    Mood issue


How colours can help with children and their issues like:
    No confidence
    Anger issues
    Laziness etc.


How colours can help with youngster issues like:
    Love life


How colours can help with old age issues like:


Colours for healing general issues like:
    Growth and security
    Power and authority
    Passion etc.


How to bring colours in use to heal


Colours and Food

About Your Healer-Instructor, Aashe Rajput

Aashe is a multi-modality practitioner for the past 7 years with a focus on Angel therapy and Tarot card reading. Along with these, she specialises in Akashic Records Reading, Reiki, Switchword Healing and is a certified Access Consciousness practitioner.

Aashe intuitively started Tarot Card reading after she picked up her first Tarot deck from Italy, known as ‘The Mecca of Tarot’. She realised her life’s purpose – to help and heal humankind – as she started off by giving incredibly accurate readings for her family and friends. Aashe’s reliable work grew by leaps and bounds and there was no stopping her as she quit her Corporate career and started practising Tarot full-time professionally.

This naturally gifted Angel healer and Tarot artist considers herself more spiritual than religious and strongly believes in the universe and completely trusts her honed gift of intuition. Aashe has also featured on the popular radio station, Radio Mirchi Dubai to talk about her experience as a successful Tarot professional.

People who know Aashe describe her as an empathetic soul who loves to connect with people. Using these healing modalities, she has guided 100s of people and aims to guide many, many more to enlighten their soul and heal the body, mind, relationships and finances too.

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About the Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies

We are the world’s only online destination where we bring together top healers and therapists with their healing services, certified workshops and courses, masterclasses, personal consultations and much more for a healed, healthy and happy You!

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