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Immediate stress relief

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Resolve money issues

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Improve relationships

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People's Amazing Experiences


I found my soul mate after doing this program




I gave up smoking with ease




My  knee pain is gone. I can walk with ease.



What you’ll gain from this workshop

   Stress and anxiety levels reduced immediately!

   Resolve your money concerns

   Enhance relationships with your partner, children, family, colleagues, etc.

   De-addiction! Get Angel support for healing any addiction you may have

   New opportunities open up in different areas of your life

   Receive guidance through Angel messages on a daily basis

   Gain calm composure to handle any situation

   Learn how to receive Angels. You can call upon them any time

You Get

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Daily videos, audios and reading material

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Q&A with Dr Geetanjali

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Entry to

Dr Geetanjali Saxena’s Angels masterclass on Oct 30, 2021

This workshop is for YOU if

   You have tried many things for health, relationships, etc. without much success

   You want to manifest your desires and handle tough situations well

   You want freedom from toxic and negative energies

   You are a self-explorer and wish to understand and heal yourself

   You want lasting changes in your life

People's Amazing Experiences


My constant cold, sinus and migraines have disappeared




I found a job with a good salary during the virus outbreak




I cleared by debts with ease



You’ll learn


Cord cutting with Angels


• Cord cutting exercise

• Release vows, oaths, curses, etc.

• How to cut cords with negative people, exes, etc.


Space Clearing

• Space clearing with Angels

• Know the space clearing Angels

• Prayers and techniques

• How to clear any space such as home, car, office, etc.


Fixing your relationship 


• Know your relationship Angels

• How to get freedom from unwanted clutter and people

• Invite and increase love

• Remove dullness and enhance communication

• Multiple clearing exercises


Solving Money issues with help of Angels 


• Know your money Angels

• Techniques to improve spending habits, get more clients, etc.

DAY 5 

Knowing your Guardian Angel

• Know how many guardian Angels you can have
• Benefits and types of messages
• How to communicate with guardian Angels
• Learn to harness the energies of guardian Angels

DAY 6 

Getting rid of Addiction with Angels